Film Review: Amerikan Holokaust (2013)


SYNOPSIS: Two unemployed Vietnam vets spend their time abducting, raping and torturing women, training them to be their slaves until they grow tired and move on to their next victim. One of the men is married; when his wife reveals an erotic fantasy she has about a young woman she knows, they unwisely choose the girl as their next target. REVIEW: Amerikan Holokaust chronicles the exploits of a couple of seriously twisted serial killers, who … Continue reading


Film Review: Spare the Rod (2009)


SYNOPSIS: When Allison is placed under house arrest she has no idea what awaits her. While awaiting her trial she encounters the spirit of a young girl named Karen who tries desperately to get Allison’s attention. As time passes she is forced to face her own demons never realizing that Karen is one of them. Will Allison live long enough to see her day in court or has her death sentence already been handed down. … Continue reading

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