Interview: Cory Cataldo (Mad World)


1. I know personally for me, when I watch movies that deal with these types of teen topics, it brings back feelings of when I was a teen. Did you take any personal experiences from when you were a teen and incorporate it into the story? I did. To an extent, except the end, everything in this movie actually happened. I over dramatized it because I only had an hour and a half to tell … Continue reading


Film Review: Mad World (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Four troubled teens, with nothing to do in their empty lives and no one to turn to for guidance, are tormented by all facets of society, including their parents and teachers, forcing them to become men much faster then the world is ready for. The result – destruction. REVIEW: You can always sense a great film right from the get go. If you’ve spent as much time as I have with cult movies and … Continue reading

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