Trailer: CockHammer (2009)

Trailer: CockHammer (2009) Sanity is for Sissies!

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Film Review: CockHammer (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Evil is uncircumcised. REVIEW: If the there is one thing that is more apparent these days especially as a film reviewer is that the industry has not rested on its laurels to just sit around and wait for things to happen. The new age of guerilla filmmaking and self produced, self distributed releases is upon us. This is both a curse and blessing depending on who you are and what your preference is. The … Continue reading

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Interview: Kevin Strange (Hack Movies)


Talking With The Dead: 15 Questions With Kevin Strange 1. After visiting your site, I have to admit that I was rolling on the floor after watching your trailers! The twisted and perverse things that I saw not only showed me that you guys have more balls than 95% of the industry, but that beyond the jokes and gore, there is real talent here! How did you first get involved in the industry and what led to … Continue reading

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