Film Review: Crowbar (2010)


SYNOPSIS: When a young couple moves into a new house in a new town, something just doesn’t seem right. On their first night, a terrible tragedy strikes these newcomers. The town itself seems to be consuming these strangers. As they search for answers, all they discover are more questions. Will they find the answers in time, or has their fate already been sealed? Crowbar, an intense, edge- of-your-seat thriller that will keep you guessing till … Continue reading

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Film Review: Piranha-Man Versus Werewolf-Man (2012)


SYNOPSIS: Piranha-Man Versus WereWolf-Man: Howl of the Piranha details the epic generations-long battle between two of natures most perfect killing machines! The rivalry between the fish-like Piranha-Man and the canine WereWolf-Man is one of brutal murder, familial kidnappings, stalking, and incest! When the decades old fight begins to affect the life of investigative journalist Lexi Glass, she finds that sometimes you need to become the story in order to report the story. She discovers the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Fast Zombies with Guns (2009)


SYNOPSIS: In Spring Grove, a local mob boss, Paul Varlo, decides to use a highly experimental and volatile toxin to exterminate a witness who is going to rat him out to the feds. He instructs one of his hired thugs to put it into the man’s water supply. But the poison backfires and creates a zombie outbreak. Soon Spring Grove is overrun by fast zombies with guns! As fate would have it, a down on … Continue reading

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