Film Review: In The Realm of the Senses (1976)


SYNOPSIS: In The Realm of the Senses is based upon a real-life incident which took place in Japan on 17th May 1936. This incident was the particularly gruesome murder of Kichizo Ishida by his lover, Abe Sada: after having choked Ishida to death, Sada cut off his penis and carried it around with her until she was caught two days later.  Oshima’s film centres on the love affair between Ishida and Sada portraying their sexual … Continue reading

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Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium S-Z


The last of our list rounding off a smattering of sick and repulsively get under your skin films for underground horror enthusiasts. Titles will get added as discovered.


Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium E-K


Continuing on with our list of the most unsettling, disturbing films on the planet, we bring you titles E-K. Make sure to also check the other parts of this list. The list is divided into 4 sections and is updated often.

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Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium L-R


More Extreme Cinema titles to damage your brain and never look at cinema the same way again. Continuing with our list of most disturbing films ever made. List will be updated as new sick discoveries are made. If a film for some reason fails to meet the criteria it will be removed and placed among standard horror.

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Extreme Cinema: List of Disturbing Films Compendium A-D

Looking for a comprehensive list of extremely disturbing films? You came to the right place! We are constantly updating this list with film titles that represent the best of the worst. By that we mean films that are highly controversial, banned, hard to watch and unsettling. A better way to put it is “Beyond Extreme”. The list is one of the most complete in the world only lacking those we haven’t gotten to yet to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Fairy in a Cage (1977)


SYNOPSIS: During World War II, the tyrannical Judge Murayama uses his military power to imprison and torture innocent people. Suspected of helping an anti-government movement, the lovely Namiji Kikushima is captured, along with a local kabuki actor. Helpless and unable to escape, the two are subjected to a grueling series of tortures including rope bondage and physical assault. As the Judge and his evil assistant Kayo revel in their perverse fetishes, a new military recruit … Continue reading

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Film Review: A Chinese Torture Chamber 2 (1998) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A ruthless governor with a girl’s name turns against his former friends after his lust for pretty young Lotus takes a turn for the more sinister. Now in a position of great power, he has the lot of them violently tortured and brutalised. With power, said a great man (I believe it was Uncle Ben, the rice salesman) comes great responsibility. And also a free torture chamber, with which all involved are about to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Shogun’s Sadism: The Joys of Torture 2 (1976) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: While marketed as a sequel to Shogun’s Sadism: The Joys of Torture, The Joys of Torture 2 is neither directed by Teruo Ishii and does not seem to be an official sequel. However it is set, as is the former, during the Japanese Edo era and takes its inspiration from the horrific and grotesque forms of torture used during the period, and is composed of two separate tales set 200 years apart. Providing coherence … Continue reading

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Film Review: 3 Extremes II (2002)


SYNOPSIS: Three Extremes is an omnibus of three tales of the supernatural from South Korea, Japan and Thailand. Memories by Kim Jee-woon concerns a domestic haunting in which a wife attempts to find her way home, not realising that she is in fact dead, while her husband struggles to remember why his wife has suddenly disappeared. Nonzee Nimibutr’s The Wheel concerns haunted puppets who bring about death and destruction to those that covet them. Lastly … Continue reading

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Film Review: Captured for Sex 2 (1986) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: In Captured for Sex 2, a young man, Shingo, and his girlfriend, Miki, are driving in the countryside when their car breaks down. When they go and seek help from a nearby house, they are captured and kept as sex slaves by an unnamed man. Gradually Shingo becomes enraptured by the acts of forced S/M on both himself and Miki and offers to be the man’s apprentice, helping him abduct and torture two other … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Joy of Torture (1968) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Set in the Tokugawa (or Edo) period, the first in Teruo Ishii’s Joys of Torture series opens with a montage portraying a succession of women being decapitated, burnt alive at the stake and torn in two by oxen. The film then adopts a portmanteau approach of three short stories which all culminate in lengthy torture sessions REVIEW: Director Teruo Ishii starts 1968’s The Joy of Torture (one of four movies he put out that … Continue reading

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Film Review: Centipede Horror (1984) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A young woman, Kay, on holiday with a friend in South East Asia, suddenly becomes ill. Her friend dies of a heart attack when she discovers Kay in agony in a small clearing by the side of the road. The doctors at the hospital are mystified by what is causing reddish sore wounds to appear on her skin, or indeed what is preventing her from speaking. Her brother, Wai Lun, rushes to her bedside … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Beauty’s Evil Rose (1992) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: The Beauty’s Evil Rose is a great title, but rather misleading – The Beauty’s Evil Parasitic Penis-monster would have been more apt, as the plot – such as it is – involves a Satanic female cult who seek to take vengeance on men, for perceived and/or real wrongs, using a parasite which is transmits deadly poison through sexual contact. The police, helmed by Inspector Cheng (Alex Fong) come into contact with the group and … Continue reading

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Film Review: A Lamb in Despair (1999) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Chinese-American Wu and his friend Paul are accused of killing 25 women in the United States. REVIEW: Our story begins when Ted Wu is picked up from the airport for questioning upon returning to Hong Kong after seven years in America. The detective fills us in on the back-story via dialogue, mentioning that Ted had been suspected but not charged in twenty-five murders in the United States and will now be carefully monitored. He … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Beasts (Shan Kou) (1980) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A father seeks from a gang of thugs who raped his daughter and murdered his son. REVIEW: While The Beasts (Shan Kou) has been marketed as a Hong Kong version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and/or The Hills Have Eyes (1977) it is in fact much closer in feel and structure to the rape-revenge film – most notably I Spit On Your Grave, although it bears similarities with Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring … Continue reading

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Film Review: Brother of Darkness (1994) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Brother of Darkness begins with a young man, Toh (Hugo Ng Doi-Yung) on trial for the brutal murder of his brother, Wah (William Ho Ka-Kui). As the court case unfolds and witnesses take the stand, a horrific tale of sibling abuse, domestic violence and all-round thugary ensues. We discover that Toh was subject to frequent attacks by Wah whenever he returned to the family home after being released from prison; one attack in which … Continue reading

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Film Review: Men Behind the Sun (1988) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Men Behind the Sun is a fictionalised account of war atrocities perpetrated against Chinese and Russian people by the Japanese during World War 2. Unit 731 is a secret facility which conducts biological and other medical experiments on both animals and humans. The film focuses on the experiences of the last youth corps to join Unit 731 before it was closed down immediately following the surrender of Japan to the Allied Forces in 1945. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Terrible Meal (1995) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: Food Fetish Vomiting and Hardcore exchange REVIEW: Tracking this movie down has been somewhat of a challenge. Though in that same statement, it is probably for the better as far as most are concerned. This film goes beyond the CAT III boundaries by jumping straight into some truly sick perverse hard to watch material. If you have read our review on Squirmfest, then you already have an idea what this film focuses on. Now … Continue reading

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Cat III Asian Films – Category 3 | Extreme Asian Horror | Hardcore Violence


A  STUDY OF ASIAN CAT III (Category 3) FILMS CAT III, otherwise known as Category 3 is the rating system used on Extreme horror and exploitation films from the Asian market. While the films range from extremely disturbing horror to p*rnographic, this list is primarily focused on the Horror rela(1986)ted titles. Soft p*rn for Asian films are also classified under “Pinku” (pink film) though when the filmmakers blend extreme violence, torture, gore or taboo subject … Continue reading


Film Review: Red to Kill (Yeuk saat) (1994) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A psychopathic rapist, who attacks women that wear red, runs a home for retarded children and rapes a girl there who he sees wearing a red dress, leading to a revenge plot by the girl’s social worker REVIEW: Written by: Wong- Ho- Wah Directed by: Billy Tang Hin-Sing Starring: Lily Chung Suk-Wai, Ben NG Ngai- Cheung, Money Lo Man-Yi and Bat Leung Gum Hell-o, seekers of the extreme. Look no further than Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Asian Horror purrs up ‘Cat’


Cats are pretty cute characters, and people on youtube appear to be infatuated with them. Videos with kitties in them get millions of views daily. Scientists say that the spacing of the eyes on a cat mirrors that of a human baby and subconsciously evokes a loving response from people by looking at them. Alongside this adoration for the fluffy cuteness, a darker presence lingers and in an instant the visage of adorable can become … Continue reading

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