Interview: Roxsy Tyler and Mr. Potent (Deer Crossing)

Roxsy Tyler and Mr. Potent (Deer Crossing)

Many of us in the Horror world know her as the vibrant and talented Carmela “Roxsy Tyler” Hayslett who stars and hosts “Carnival of Horrors,” now there is a big buzz surrounding a new independent horror film called “Deer Crossing” in which Carmela “Roxsy Tyler” Haylett stars in. The film is directed by writer and director Christian Jude Grillo and it stars Christopher Mann, Laura Lynn Cottrel and beloved horror legend Doug Bradley who is … Continue reading

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Interview: Roxsy Tyler (Carnival of Horrors)


EXCLUSIVE HORRORNEWS.NET INTERVIEW : ROXSY TYLER Where did the concept of Roxsy Tyler’s Carnival of Horrors come from? When I was a little girl I decided I wanted to be a writer when I grew up and that was originally what I always intended to do with my life. I wrote an anthology of short stories and poetry called “Big Boots and Black Hair Dye” and there was a three part short story series in … Continue reading

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