Buffalo Nickel Productions – 3 New Horror Features NewYork Style


Buffalo, New York – Buffalo based production house Buffalo Nickel Productions is in various stages of production on three new feature films: Decayed, Banshee, and Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster. Emil J. Novak, who also co-founded the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival, is the driving creative force behind all three films. Frankenstein’s monsters, and one mean monster bitch Decayed, a quasi anthology of four interlinked tales involving a worldwide plague of “zuvembies,” is the closest to completion, … Continue reading

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Buffalo Nickel Productions debuts new trailer with ‘Decayed’

Decayed – the Trailer Straight off the editing bay, Buffalo Nickel Productions is very proud to present- the official DECAYED trailer The movie will premiere this summer in Buffalo NY. Date to be announced.

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From the Nightshift: ‘Decayed’ and Buffalo Nickel Productions


I was able to get some time with Emil Novak of Buffalo Nickel Productions to talk to him about his movie, “Decayed” that is currently in production Thanks for taking some time out to talk to me about your movies.. What interests you in wanting to film a horror movie? . My interests in horror movies is simply to stir the imagination with thought provoking story and moody visuals. I would rather scare people before … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Horror News updates – 11.04.2008

Some News from the Insomniac: Those crazy guys from Low Budget Pictures are filming a revenge movie in the wilds of Rochester New York. The Insomniac and Ms Nikki were almost involved in the production, but they moved and didn’t leave us forwarding addresses. Story of our lives. The production seems to be the story of a gang of women raping and killing every poor man they cross. Some guys are just lucky I guess. … Continue reading

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