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Book Review: He Who Walks in Shadow – Author Brett J. Talley


He Who Walks In Shadow By: Brett J. Talley JournalStone Publishing 179 Pages “Well, that’s quite the story, isn’t it? Not exactly what one wants to hear on the eve of an expedition,” He laughed, but it was no more honest than his smile. After the ominous book, The Incendium Maleficarum has disappeared from the personal safe of Carter Weston, ...

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Book Review: The Void – Author Brett J Talley


The Void By Brett J Talley Journalstone Aboard the intergalactic ship the Chronos in the year 2169 the crew of Captain Caroline Gravely, Rebecca Kensington, Aidan Connor, Jack Crawford, Cyrus McDonnell and Malcolm Ridley engages in warp travel and encounter a deserted long lost ship The Singularity. On an undisclosed mission to the distant Riley the crew faces obstacle after ...

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Book Review: That Which Should Not Be – Author Brett J Talley


THAT WHICH SHOULD NOT BE Something lurks within the darkness. A spell binding, crippling fear taunts the very hairs upon the nape of your neck. Your stomach lurches as your pulse quickens; prayers for salvation or at least a fast and painless death.  Talley’s odyssey into the unknown makes this tale a heart stammering page turner from beginning to end. ...

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