Trailer: Brainjacked (2009) Infomercial

Trailer: Brainjacked (2009) Infomercial A teen runaway discovers a sinister mind control plot.

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Brainjacked: Drilled in the head


Indie filmmakers Andrew Allan and Andy Lalino’s Brainjacked DVD infomercial utilizes footage used in the movie…from wild chases to sexy sirens to splitting skulls…along with graphics and voice-over narration like those normally featured in traditional infomercials- how cool is that? The synopsis is: what happens when runaway Tristan finds himself getting drilled in the head…by a mad surgeon…who runs a murderous mind-controlled army? Will he survive and save the world? Or will he get drilled … Continue reading

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Film Review: Brainjacked (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Tristan (Chris Jackson) is a runaway who suffers from terrible migraines. After being mugged he is hanging out on a park bench when he meets Laney, a nice, sweet (and kind of brainwashed) girl who tells him that she knows a place where he can stay. She also tells him that there is a doctor at this place who can help him with his headaches. Once this doctor performs surgery on Tristan (with a … Continue reading

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