From the Nightshift: Upcoming in the independent horror circle

While I was vacationing from the Night Shift it kept calling me back so I really didn’t have a choice I need to write so here I am again. Not sure if it is just the lower cost of HD filming or what but Buffalo NY has gotten very busy and will keep being busy making horror films as the year goes on. I will do my best to get some interviews and pictures from … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: On the Set of ‘Born to Die’


Jay Mager had offered me a small character role in “Born to Die”.¬†There was an nice scene at the start of the movie and then a silent appearance in the middle and then a very brief appearance at the end.¬†The role was called “The Asian” which was a crime boss who had been marked up by knife wounds around both eyes.¬†The character is not likable, an egoist and a pretty much a pig.¬†Jay told me … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: Matty Mask


Continuing on working on the local Buffalo scene of filmmaking I was able to talk to Matthew Patterson (otherwise know as Matty Mask).¬†He is most famous for his deathmask of Johnny Gruesome and for his love of coffee.¬†I asked him to tell us a little about him and his work: ‚ÄúMy influences are varied but a main theme in them is 1970s monster comics, toys, magazines, movies, and TV.¬†Also, Clifton hill, Canada, plays a significant … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: ‘Pigman’ and ‘Born to Die’


I caught up to Jay Mager who is the writer/director of the upcoming movie “Born to Die” and filmed a short film about the local legend of the Pigman. I asked him to tell us more about the two very different projects: The Pigman What drew me to The Pigman? The answer to that question is probably a good 14 years or so in the making. I first heard the legend surrounding The Pigman back … Continue reading

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