Film Review: Long Dream (Nagai yume) (2000)


SYNOPSIS: Strange things lurk in dreams. For Mukoda Tetsurou and the doctors tending to him, things have begun to get stranger as Mukoda begins having longer and longer dreams every night. Can one dream infinity in the span of a night? REVIEW: While the film itself is just under 60 minutes due to it being a previous TV special turned DVD, the base of “Long Dream” is a well written piece of cinema. The writers … Continue reading

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Film Review: Late Bloomer (Osoi hito) (2004)


SYNOPSIS: Late Bloomer is the story of Sumida-san, a severely handicapped man, and his downward spiral into hell. When we’re first introduced to him we find that despite his physical limitations – and contrary to cultural misconceptions about the handicap – he has all of the desires and personality traits of a physically normal man. Specifically: he loves to party, eat good food, and ‘rock out’ to his caregiver Take’s hardcore band. However, Sumida-san’s life … Continue reading

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