Bloodmarsh Krackoon, a feature length comedy horror film written and directed by Jerry Landi, is a sequel to Krackoon, a short film which won fans on the film festival circuit two years ago. Believing that his mutant, crack addicted raccoon Red Eye warranted a bigger tale, Landi fashioned a continuation of the short, structuring it as a reboot to bring new viewers up to speed. In addition to Red Eye, Bloodmarsh reunites Krackoon co-stars Sal … Continue reading

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Cindy Guyer Details Bloodmarsh Krackoon


Actress Cindy Guyer, who appeared in the 1989 cult horrorfilm Psycho Cop and mainstream filmslike The Mirror Has Two Faces, and who has graced over 2,000 book and magazine covers as a model, returns to the world of cult cinema in Jerry Landi’s upcoming Bloodmarsh Krackoon. The Bronx based film, produced by Marc J. Makowski (Slime City and Slime City Massacre), is a spinoff of Landi’s short film Krackoon and is currently in post production. … Continue reading

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Trailer: Bloodmarsh Krackoon (2012)

Trailer: Bloodmarsh Krackoon (2012) Bloodmarsh Krackoon plays like a comedy until the last fifteen minutes, when it gets very dark,” promises Makowski. “Jerry really fulfilled the promise he showed with the first film and did the concept justice. We’re looking forward to unleashing Red Eye the Krackoon on an unsuspecting world!”

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Bloodmarsh Krackoon Trailer and Site Debut

The official website for the comedy horror film Bloodmarsh Krackoon has gone live, and Amuck Productions has posted the first trailer. Jerry Landi wrote and directed this sequel to the film festival circuitcult favorite Krackoon, which also serves as a reboot for horror fans who did not see the original. Marc J.Makowski (Slime City,Slime City Massacre) produced the film,for which he is currently providing CGI with his South Bronx EFX Works partner,Julio Garay. Krackoon Bloodmarsh, … Continue reading

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