Film Review: Bleading Lady (aka Star Vehicle) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: “Star Vehicle” follows the downward spiral of movie driver Donald Cardini, a self-professed movie buff with a penchant for explosive violence when provoked. Driving the stars of low-budget movies, along with their fragile egos, to and from locations in the middle of nowhere, pushes Don’s buttons in all of the wrong directions. When Luke, the young and self-absorbed writer/director challenges Don’s authority, murder and mayhem ensues. The movie’s Scream Queen’ starlet, Riversa Red, to … Continue reading

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Ryan Nicholson‚Äôs Latest Slasher ‚ÄėBleading Lady‚Äô arrives!

Breaking Glass Pictures will release cult horror director Ryan Nicholson‚Äôs latest film ‚ÄúBleading Lady‚ÄĚ on DVD March 29. The gory slasher film, which tells of an obsessive, murderous chauffeur who‚Äôs assigned to drive his favorite actress on her latest film shoot, will be released under Breaking Glass‚Äô Vicious Circle Films label. Vicious Circle Films released Nicholsons previous fan favorite ‚ÄúHanger‚ÄĚ earlier this year. Don is a chauffeur and a movie buff who takes his job … Continue reading

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