Film Review: Black Past (1989)


SYNOPSIS: Thommy and his family move to a new place. In the attic, he finds a box surrounded with chains. He opens it. In the box, he finds a mirror and a diary. REVIEW: Olaf Ittenbach is well known by now, not only in his homeland of Germany, but all over the world of horror, as a pioneer of the splatter, gross-out, ultra-gore special effects. His masterful work can be found in not only his … Continue reading

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Trailer: Black Past (1989)

Trailer: Black Past (1989) Story revolves around young Thommy ((with an H)played by Olaf) who’s falling in love with his dream girl. All is well until Olaf discovers a chained up chest in his attic that holds a mirror and a diary of sorts telling some very grim stories of the houses’ past. Not thinking any of the mirror besides it looking cool, he hangs it up. But this mirror isn’t like any other mirror. … Continue reading

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