Unexplained Confidential: Fringe Realities & Beyond


It’s Joyhorror once again exploring the impossibilities of the possible. Last time out I mentioned the Fringe finale and the image of the World Trade Center shown in an Alternate Reality. Is the concept of a Parallel Universe that far fetched? What exactly is a Parallel Universe? It is reality as we know it – but it’s a little different. It’s like sliding doors. In one reality, one decision shapes your entire future. In a … Continue reading


Unexplained Confidential: Black Hole


New research determines the largest black hole ever measured, and I’m not talkin’ bout your mama. In the center of the M87 galaxy this black hole weighs 6.4 billion times our Sun’s mass. That’s like two times as big as astronomers once thought. Here’s a chart that compares a black hole and a bulge. I don’t know, why does this all sound filthy to me? This isn’t Walt Disney’s Black Hole. Actually, I think I’d … Continue reading

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