Fim Review: Empress Vampire (2012)


SYNOPSIS: The revelry of an upscale Halloween party is shattered by gunshots as two armed robbers attempt to fleece the well-to-do patrons of their money and jewels. REVIEW: Empress Vampire begins with a costume party at which a robbery occurs. While fleeing, the robbers are attacked and killed. This leads to an FBI investigation led by Dan Higgins (Beau Nelson). Also investigating the murders are Ivor Helsing (Garrett Brawith) and Ariana (Laura Cotenescu), two vampire … Continue reading

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Film Review: All American Zombie Drugs (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Vinny and Sebastion, two burnouts, going nowhere in small town suburbia and still riding the high of their high-school days, start a business doing the only thing they have ever excelled at…drugs. With the help of a jealous girlfriend and a rich goth chick, Vinny and Sebastion take on the mob, angry, geeky, frat-boys, and zombies in the search of the perfect high. REVIEW: Well, I did it..I sat thru a full fledged drug-film … Continue reading

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