Film Review: Battle Royale (2000)


SYNOPSIS: Future Japan has fallen into a state of anarchy and pupils are refusing to go to school. To deal with this the state has instituted the Battle Royale Act. The 9th Grade class from Zenjutsi High School goes on a field trip only to be gassed unconscious in the bus. They come around on an island where they are informed them that they have been placed in the Battle Royale – a competition where they … Continue reading


Top 10 J-Horror Movies (Japanese Horror Movies)


Asian horror films on the most part fall somewhere between “deep to my heart” to recycled nonsense. Though I do enjoy the thrill of weeding thru all the stinkers to find the gems. For anyone new to these, they present a special brand of fear and dread that is far removed from many Western releases. In fact, I’m quite confident in saying that Asian films tend to rule in the ghost and loony categories. Usually … Continue reading


Trailer: Battle Royale (2012) Blu-ray Box Set

Trailer: Battle Royale (2012) Blu-ray Box Set

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Family, Dysfunction and Battle Royale


Battle Royal is one of those films which come out of Japan and make people look and say to each other “WTF Japan”. The film shows the rapid creation, destruction and perseverance of family structures. That’s academic talk for explain how and why people create families in tense situations. It happens all the time. Look at high school or your workplace. People have roles they fall into and they see themselves as a family unit. … Continue reading

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