Trailer: Basement Jack (2009)

Trailer: Basement Jack (2009) A young serial killer preys on families during lightning storms.

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Film Review: Basement Jack (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A few years ago Jack Riley finally snapped and killed his abusive mother. After killing his mother he went from house to house killing entire families and arranging their bodies in poses that would suggest a happy home life. Jack was just a little boy when all of this happened so of course he didn’t go to jail, but he just got out of his institution and he’s out to finish what he started…..sounds … Continue reading

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Interview: Brian O’Toole – Writer/Producer (Basement Jack, Evilution, The Necropolitan)


MIKE JOY : Evilution has a great tag line, “The End is Here!” It’s short and to the point. I’m a big fan of tag lines as strange as that sounds. I think every great movie needs a great tag line. Alien, I think had one of the best tags of all time, “In space, no one can hear you scream”. Just curious, what’s your opinion of tag lines? BRIAN O’TOOLE : I agree with … Continue reading

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