Interview: Barbie Wilde (Hellraiser, Death Wish 3)


Can you tell our Horrornews readers a brief synopsis of what Sister Cilice is about? A woman is placed in a convent against her will and fantasizes about power, domination, sensuality and freedom — all the things that are forbidden to her. She finds a key to the Schism that can bring forth the Order of the Gash and she fearlessly summons the Cenobites, who are astounded at her willingness to trade her humanity for … Continue reading


Unexplained Confidential: Thanksgiving and interviews with Amanda Gusack | Barbie Wilde


It’s that time of year again to give thanks to everything that is Horror and beyond! I give thanks to :, Fringe, Preston&Steve, Paranormal Activity, Metallica, South Jersey School of Aikido, Scoobie Doo, Those crazy Moondogs, Captain Lou Albano R.I.P., Werewolves Field Guide, Zombie Bill Murray, Ghostbusters remake, American Dragon, Facebook, Scare Tactics, Rob Zombie, Couples Retreat, The Monkees, The Wizard of Oz, CHOP, Hardcore Wrestling International, TheJamCouncil, El Hijo Del Anto, Madonna Wayne … Continue reading

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