Film Review: Assault of the Sasquatch (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Former police officer Ryan has left the city life with his daughter Jessica for a much simpler life up in the mountains. For the most part things really are simpler in fact the only real worries Ryan runs into are busting bear poachers with his partner Crystal. It’s these bear poachers however that cause quite a problem when they find not a bear in one of their traps but a Sasquatch. Not knowing that … Continue reading

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Assault of the Sasquatch: Comes To DVD October 19


Synthetic Cinema and Chiller Network Announce “Monster Mash-up” Contest Synthetic Cinema International and MVD Visual are pleased to announce the release of Assault of the Sasquatch for North Americandistribution on October 19, 2010. SYNOPSIS: When a merciless bear poacher is caught and arrested deep in the woods of a state park, he and his truck are taken to a neglected precinct in the heart of a dying city. Unbeknownst to the authorities, the impounded truck … Continue reading

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