Film Review: American Scream King (2010)


SYNOPSIS: When two guys get a hold of a camera from a debt, they decide to make a horror movie since most of them are cheesy and cheap anyways. They know nothing about special effects or make-up so why not just kill people for real while filming their movie? REVIEW: Dear God….I can’t even…jeez…ok…let’s do this… So the premise here is a couple of douche-bag hipsters decide to make a horror movie. And since they … Continue reading

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‘The App Killer’ production postponed

While “the App Killer” was intended to go underway last November, the horror feature has been postponed indefinitely. “The intention is to start shooting by the end of the summer of 2012″ says the director.  The film is still looking for investors. The story will take place in the city of Barcelona, Spain. “The App Killer” tells the story of a group of interns and students abroad, who start disappearing after a psycho killer has … Continue reading

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