Film Review: Indie Director (2013)


SYNOPSIS: Metalhead film director Bill Zebub toils, trying to maintain his integrity, in the world of no-budget, subversive, genre film making. REVIEW: Any review of INDIE DIRECTOR would be misguided–incomplete–without an introduction to its notorious creator, Bill Zebub. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Maybe you haven’t. In any case, he’s brash, manic, politically incorrect, obsessed with heavy metal music–and nudity–and, for the past two decades, has been churning out twisted, no-budget shock flicks like JESUS … Continue reading

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Exclusive Photos from Krampus: The Christmas Devil

krampus aj1

Krampus: The Christmas Devil got a early Christmas present from the makers of Krampus: The Christmas Devil. Here are some Exclusive Photos from this holiday horror!¬† HNN favorite Bill Oberst Jr. returns in a “Christmas” move.¬† Well,¬†the kind of Christmas movie that you would expect from someone like Bill Oberst Jr.¬†¬†¬† Let’s thank Matt Chassin (producer) and Jason Hull (director) for this sneak peak.¬†¬† I can only imagine what Santa Claus is going to … Continue reading

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Angelina Leigh Apologizes to Greg Lamberson


You might remember a while back, the little controversy involving one Greg Lamberson and his actress for Slime City Massacre, Angelina Leigh. We dont need to go into the details as frankly I don’t remember them all. Greg had this to comment:¬† “I have reached a settlement in my lawsuit against Angelina Leigh regarding comments which appeared online about myself and my family. I now consider this matter closed. Miss Leigh offers the following apology:” … Continue reading

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Interview: Angelina Leigh


I was able to talk with Angelina Leigh for a few moments about her rapidly growing body of work in the horror industry. For those who are not aware of her now, and you will be soon, she is a model/actress who is currently working out of Buffalo. Her work has been seen on the silver screen as well as Playboy, which she is probably most famous for. You have appeared in quite a few … Continue reading

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