Film Review: Black Past (1989)


SYNOPSIS: Thommy and his family move to a new place. In the attic, he finds a box surrounded with chains. He opens it. In the box, he finds a mirror and a diary. REVIEW: Olaf Ittenbach is well known by now, not only in his homeland of Germany, but all over the world of horror, as a pioneer of the splatter, gross-out, ultra-gore special effects. His masterful work can be found in not only his … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Burning Moon (1992)


SYNOPSIS: German in english subtitles. Splatter stories par excellence, linked by the narrative device of young Peter reading two tales of the macabre to his terrified sister. REVIEW: This German shocker has all the right ingredients for a low budget exploitation-in-violence anthology. Directed by Olaf Ittenbach, This film is one of the earlier works by the same man who’s name has been associated with a few gory and disturbing entries into cinema. Olaf went on … Continue reading

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