Film Review: Judith: The Night She Stayed Home (short film) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: TRICK-OR-TREAT! It’s Halloween day in the quiet rural community of Haddonfield, Illinois. Judith Myers and her best friend D’arcy Mims are planning a Halloween night camp out at The Myers House with their friends. Judith is trying to forget the growing tensions in her family and wants to immerse herself in a carefree celebration, but her reclusive brother’s presence casts an ominous shadow over their cheerful preparations. This short film breaths life into an … Continue reading

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Sheri Moon Zombie gives us ‘Total Skull’!


Hey there Zombians, Sheri just sent us over some killer picks with her new line of shirts. The website and info are included below. Check out this hot new promo video featuring Ana Gilmore from “A Mannequin in Static”. Horror fans will dig this short film piece! TOTAL SKULL INFO: • Video credits: Sheri Moon Zombie presents “TOTAL SKULL”, directed by Josh Hasty, written by Kenny Caperton, and starring Ana Gilmore as DAISY. TOTAL SKULL … Continue reading


Film Review: A Mannequin in Static (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Haunted by the stigma of their complicated pasts, seventeen year old Alex and his mother Anne are starting new lives together. Hidden from the truth, Alex finds himself feeling disconnected from the physical world he lives in, and begins finding places to live inside his head through the stories he writes. Life begins to take a pleasant turn when Alex finds himself falling for his new best friend, Ashley. But as Alex begins to … Continue reading

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