Zombie Action In The New Tease Of THE WALKING DEAD

The good stuff from THE WALKING DEAD is starting to roll in with the premiere of Season Four just around the corner. Lets start your Saturday off with a zombie car attach shall we? Season Four kicks off on October 13th.

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AMC has let loose with their first tease of the incredibly anticipated fourth season of THE WALKING DEAD. This showed up the other night during the premiere of a new show titled LOW WINTER SUN but now you can watch it right here, right now. Only a few weeks to go and the dead will be shambling again!!

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Trailer for THE WALKING DEAD S4 Hits!

Yesterday was the big THE WALKING DEAD panel at SDCC and as expected the news came fast and furious. The biggest thing to come out of the day though was the release of the teaser trailer for the new season that will kick off on Oct. 13th at 9 PM on AMC. Yes, they will be doing that pain in the ass mid season break and then return for the second half of the season … Continue reading


THE WALKING DEAD Creator Robert Kirkman Talks Season Four

Mid summer and the talk of October TV has already begun. To be expected though with SDCC barreling towards us it only stands to reason that one of the big topics is going to be the hit series THE WALKING DEAD and who better to spill some beans on what is heading our way then the creator of the whole thing Robert Kirkman. Robert talked to THR about things and he dropped some pretty hefty … Continue reading

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Get Your First Look At THE WALKING DEAD S4 This Coming Holiday Weekend

Are you going through THE WALKING DEAD withdrawal? It’s OK, you can admit it. There are a lot of us out here feeling the same way but fear not, AMC has got your back. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July then with a whole weekend filled with zombies! AMC is billing it as THE WALKING DEAD SEASON FOUR PREVIEW WEEKEND and it all kicks off on the big day, Thursday July 4th. … Continue reading

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The Final Recap Of The Season For THE WALKING DEAD


I’m assuming at this point you have all watched the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD and if you haven’t seen it you have at least checked your Facebook account and know what went down. If you haven’t, first off what the hell is wrong with you and second, major spoilers ahead so go away. OK, with that out of the way. What did you guys think? I had a very “blah” feeling about the … Continue reading

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Our First Look At The Season Finale Of THE WALKING DEAD


Well, the smoke is still clearing from last nights incredible episode of THE WALKING DEAD. A powerhouse episode indeed and one can only wonder just how the hell they can possibly top it next week when season three comes to a close. Obviously, the showdown is set and some kind of battle will ensue and the prison will either be saved or or group, whoever is left, will be on the road again. In their … Continue reading

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Preview Of This Weeks Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD


Things are really starting to get out of control at the prison and it looks like all out war is inevitable. This past weeks episode was another of those “slow burn” set up type shows and while very well done, really not much action this time around. But hey, they can’t all be gut pulling, head munching gore fests, right? AMC sent along a handful of new pics from the upcoming episode, most of them … Continue reading

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This past weekend Saturday Night Live did a segment spoofing THE WALKING DEAD and while not hilariously funny it’s still is fun to watch and just goes to further cement the popularity of every growing show. Check it out, it’s worth the few minutes of your time.

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Time To Preview Next Weeks THE WALKING DEAD

So much going on this season on THE WALKING DEAD, since they have come back from their mid season break it has been no holds barred awesomeness. Last nights episode, titled CLEAR kind of brought things full circle for Rick and it looks like next week things between Rick and the Governor really kick into high gear. Clips and info abound: “The Walking Dead” Episode 3.13 – “Arrow on the Doorpost” (airs 3/10/13) In an … Continue reading

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Time To Tease For Next Weeks Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

You know what? I really think that these mid season breaks that AMC has taken to using during a season of THE WALKING DEAD just kind of breaks the stride of the show. For a second year in a row I find myself kind of lost in the storyline and quite frankly, a little disinterested. I know I’m not the only one. I really think it’s just that 6 weeks of nothing that does it. … Continue reading

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To say that the horror genre has been kind to AMC would be the understatement of the year. THE WALKING DEAD is pretty much THE most popular show on TV and it doesn’t appear that will be changing anytime soon. As such AMC has decided to try their hand at another horror project. THE TERROR will be a dramatic adaptation of the 2009 bestseller of the same name written by Dan Simmons. David Kajganich will … Continue reading

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Time To Talk Next Weeks Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

The cable box is still cooling off from this weeks kick ass episode so no better time to start thinking about next week than right now. Got a couple video clips for you as well as a full synopsis. What did you think of this weeks offering. Since some parts of the country still haven’t gotten to see episode nine we’ll refrain from getting particularly specific but over all, I thought it was a pretty … Continue reading

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All Hell’s Breaking Loose In The Latest Tease For Tonights THE WALKING DEAD


If there is one horror fan out there that is not aware of the fact that tonight brings the return of THE WALKING DEAD to AMC then they are living under that proverbial rock. This has got to be one of the my hyped premieres in recent history and for good reason. It’s gonna kick ass!! AMC has dished out another tease for tonight’s 9 PM offering and it shows things going to hell, and … Continue reading

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Coolest Ad Ever For THE WALKING DEAD


This is the type of shit you miss living in Ohio. Over on the AMC Facebook page they posted up these photos of a countdown clock of sorts. Using severed zombie fingers the clock has been ticking down to tonight’s second half season three premiere. Check it:

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THE WALKING DEAD S3 Blu-ray Set Gets Elaborate Collectors Case


How many of you picked up that awesome Season Two blu-ray set of THE WALKING DEAD last year. The zombie head with the screwdriver in the eye? Yeah, me neither. Maybe this year we’ll be able to get our hands on the Season Three set which features (as far as I am concerned) the most elaborate collectors case ever constructed. Get a load of this: So, what we have here are actual water filled chambers … Continue reading

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