Film Review: Phobia (2013)


SYNOPSIS: After a car accident kills his wife, Johnathan MacKinlay developed agoraphobia (the fear of going outside) and keeps himself secluded in his apartment when he becomes aware of a violent home-invader and also starts having visions of his dead wife. REVIEW: Directed by Rory Douglas Abel Starring Michael Jefferson, Emma Dubery Johnathan MacKinlay (Michael Jeffereson) has a problem. He can’t leave his apartment. He suffers from agoraphobia after a car accident leaves his wife … Continue reading

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Film Review: Sozinho (short film) (2003)


SYNOPSIS: A solitary man (Jose Salles) meets a beautiful woman (Mara Vanessa Prieto) in a CD store and later that night he decides to meet her at her house, not imagining the nightmare waiting for him. REVIEW: “Sozinho” is a 13 minutes short movie, directed by AndrĂ© ZP in 2003, which, with an small budget and minimalistic narrative, has achieved an amazingly high level of both storytelling and special effects. The movie was released in … Continue reading

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