Film Review: Aegri Somnia (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Edgar is living in the shadow of his wife’s sudden death. Haunted by vivid hallucinations and a faceless city threatening to swallow him whole, Edgar’s world begins to unravel as his nightmares become a reality and Edgar is left with a choice: prison or paradise. REVIEW: Aegri Somnia translates from Latin to ‘a sick man’s dreams’, which is certainly appropriate for this psychological horror from director James Rewucki. Tyhr Trubiak plays Edgar, a lowly … Continue reading

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Extreme Canadian Horror: 5 Movie Collection


Hankering for a pack of Canadian Horror? MVD has just released a tasty 5-pack (for one low price) featuring 5 films directly off the R Squared films line. Included are: Abolition, Aegri Somnia, Long Pigs, I Heart Doomsday, Werewolf Fever. A great way to get your fill of horror films with a Canadian spin on them. We got all 5 synopsis below to gear ya up: Abolition:

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