That cover quote is no BS, this really is one badass film to own! For horror fans who like their films bloody and violent, this is a must see… on! ­ Autonomy Pictures reveals the official release date, box art and ‘special features’ for the upcoming, DVD release of Emanuele De Santi¹s Italian gore extravaganza ADAM CHAPLIN: VIOLENT AVENGER. The film will be released, through Autonomy Pictures, in North America on June 4, 2013 and … Continue reading

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Trailer: Adam Chaplin (2011)

Trailer: Adam Chaplin (2011) Set in the fictional country of Heaven Valley, the film is the story of a man, Adam, who following the suspicious death of his wife begins to investigate her murder and in doing so, discovers the involvement of local mafia boss: Denny Richards. Unable to trust the police, corrupt and controlled by Denny, Adam, consumed by anger, summons a demon who offers him superhuman strength and dark powers. The demon follows … Continue reading

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Film Review: Adam Chaplin (2011)


SYNOPSIS: a Demon who will bestow on him a dark, superhuman strength…The Demon will lead Adam to the murderer if he does his bidding – So begins a bloody war of extreme violence as Adam fights the might of the police corp. and their dark allies head-on. Will Adam kill his enemies before the Demon calls in his debt and drags his soul to hell? Will he see his dead wife for one last time? … Continue reading

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