Melissa George Joins The Cast Of GOTHICA

Melissa George

I love me some Melissa George. Excited to see that we will get to see her weekly as she has joined the cast of the ABC series GOTHICA. DEADLINE is reporting “Melissa George has been tapped for a lead role opposite Janet Montgomery in ABC’s drama pilot Gothica. Set in the present day, the project, created by Matt Lopez and exec produced by Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper of The Mark Gordon Co., weaves together … Continue reading

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A preview of the new ABC series THE RIVER


When you see the name Oren Peli you should pretty much just figure that we are going to be treated to some type of “found footage” type of project. The good thing is, nobody does it better. His new project, THE RIVER is a bit of a hybrid as you will see when you check out the video below. It starts off as a standard made for TV drama and then becomes a “found footage” … Continue reading

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