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Film Review: A Chance in Hell (short film) (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A Chance in Hell is set in the winter of 1944 in Nazi-occupied Germany. US soldiers stumble upon a secret Nazi facility that has been overrun by creatures that were REVIEW: The Americans never cease to enjoy using the Nazis as a backdrop for all manner of evil doings in their movies, and the short film A Chance in ...

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World War 2 Nazi Zombie Short Film ‘A Chance in Hell’


Tony Wash and team have just finished up what they are calling a “World War 2 Nazi zombie flick” that in addition to receiving awards is now available for purchase on their site. You can catch the trailer below or move onto the site at www.scotchworthy.com  for more info on the film. A Chance in Hell is set in the ...

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Trailer: A Chance in Hell (2011)

Trailer: A Chance in Hell (2011) Faced with defeat as the Allied forces push through the German front, Hitler commissions his top scientist, Herr Bucher (Chad Meyer) to create a new breed of super soldier.

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A Chance in Hell: Demented Nazis and a feral beast

Tony Wash’s A Chance in Hell has some crazy demented Nazi’s who in a desperate attempt to create the ultimate warrior, mess about with the supernatural and turn a child captured in one of their concentration camps into a feral beast. What’s he gonna do go around biting peoples ankles? Kiddin. Put you peeps on the trailer below for a ...

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