Film Review: The Last Harbor (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A cop on the verge is sent to his small hometown to shape up. When a girl no one cares about goes missing, his slow recovery ends abruptly. REVIEW: The Last Harbor is a somewhat simple but well thought murder mystery about an alcoholic detective transferred to a harbor town sometime after the disappearance of the local prostitute. This 2010 film was produced by independent companies Media 8 entertainment and Entertainment Motion Pictures at … Continue reading

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Horror Movies 2010 – List


If your a horror lover like me, you’ll want to know what you missed that might have flown under the radar. Below is a compiled list of horror films that are dated with a 2010 creation date. Please note, this might not be the “actual release” date, but is dated as according to IMDB (Example “SINT”, which we have yet to see). Sometimes a film may not see release for 2-3 years after creation date, … Continue reading

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How will the world End…Maybe


There’s been a lot of talk lately of the world coming to an end. Scientists are quickly finding ways to debunk that statement as believers are readying themselves for it. Regardless of what or who you believe, there are no shortages of creative theories on how our home will meet its doom. The most obvious way (and most popular) is simply that earth will give way to natural disasters. Could this be true? For years, the … Continue reading

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Film Review: House of Black Wings (2010)


SYNOPSIS: After a tragic act of violence cuts short her music career, Kate Stone is returning to a city full of ex-fans and ex-friends. Taking shelter with her last friend, a struggling artist named Robyn Huck, the two women work to restore the aging courtyard apartment building Robyn has inherited. But a terrible secret infests the venerable structure, and soon Kate will be haunted by horrific dreams, sinister apparitions, and the sounds of something moving … Continue reading

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