Stephen King’s 11/22/63 Heading To TV


One of Stephen King’s most unusual, interesting and heart wrenching stories, a time-travel tale titled 11/22/63 is heading to TV. Not sure where it will air but what is known is that J.J. Abrahms production company BAD ROBOT has picked up the property and that is nothing but good. 11/22/63 tells the story of a teacher who discovers a time portal and is able to return to the years before the assassination of President Kennedy … Continue reading

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Dust Jacket Artwork For 11/22/63


It appears that the next release from Stephen King is going to venture into the category of “EVENT RELEASE”. It’s not to often that you see cover art for a book leaked but that is exactly what we’ve got going on here. Behold the dusk jacket art for 11/22/63 which doesn’t hit stores till Nov. 8th. A time travel tale this one asks that immortal question, What if? Here’s the official synopsis: Jake Epping is … Continue reading

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Two Major Book Announcements From STEPHEN KING


All right KING fans, time to get stoked. Been a busy week for horror maven Stephen King. Early in the week it was announced that come this November we will all be treated to another 1000 page master work. This one is called 11/22/63 and for those of you out there over 40 years old (or who paid attention in history class) this date should immediately mean something. It was the date that President Kennedy … Continue reading

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