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Film Review: Clinger (2015)


SYNOPSIS: When her possessive high school boyfriend dies in a gruesome accident, Fern Petersen’s life is thrown into turmoil. Things go from bad to worse when he returns as a love-sick ghost to kill her so they can be together for eternity. REVIEW: Clinger stars Fern Peterson (Jennifer Laporte) who, in her senior year of high school, is hoping to ...

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Film Review: Bordello of Blood (1996)


SYNOPSIS: The cryptkeeper returns to tell the story of a funeral parlor that moonlights as a vampire bordello. REVIEW: Bordello of Blood stars Dennis Miller as Rafe Guttman; a private investigator hired to search for Caleb (Corey Feldman), the missing brother of Catherine (Erika Eleniak). And by hired, what I really mean is he needles and harasses Catherine into letting ...

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SRS CINEMA Launches New VOD Channel


“Look for advance releases as well as underground classics from their library” SRS Cinema, a leading distributor of underground cinema, has recently launched a brand new Vimeo channel offering up advance releases on their newest acquisitions, as well as adding out of print titles from their vast library. First up, they’ve added “Bangin’ Vengeance” and “Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare” to ...

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Troma Acquires Paul M McAlarney’s Honky Holocaust: An Exploitation Flick with a Message


Greetings from Tromaville! Finally, Caucasians get a taste of their own segregation. Troma Entertainment has acquired HONKY HOLOCAUST, a film by Paul M McAlarney. It was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma and Creator of the Toxic Avenger. HONKY HOLOCAUST tackles today’s social and racial issues from a totally new perspective. Imagining a world where Charles Manson’s attempts at inciting ...

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In the bleak highlands of Scotland, an army veteran must battle his demons in a last desperate bid to reclaim his life and his sanity. The Unkindness of Ravens was shot on location in Fife and Perthshire, Scotland by a fearless and dedicated Scottish crew led by director Lawrie Brewster. A co-production between Hex Media and Dark Dunes Productions, the ...

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Ninjas… Ninjas… and more Ninjas! The Cannon Ninja Trilogy comes to the UK in a new Dual-Format special edition collection


Eureka Entertainment to release THE NINJA TRILOGY, a trio of crazed martial-arts classics from the 80s starring Sho Kosugi, in a Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition in the UK on 18 January 2016. The wild world of Cannon Films rarely became more delirious or influential than this trio of rollocking, crazed action classics. Beginning with Enter the Ninja, they spearheaded ...

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Interview: Michael Gross (Tremors 5)


“He is America’s favorite TV dad.” Jamie Kennedy said it best describing Actor Michael Gross (“Family Ties,” “Tremors”) who is currently starring in “Tremors 5: Bloodlines in which he returns as his legendary character Burt Gummer with a new, cool co-star Jamie Kennedy. Gross has been in this industry since the 1970’s and he continues to make films and television ...

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Film Review: Pod (2015)


SYNOPSIS: A family intervention goes horrifically awry within the snowy confines of an isolated lake house. REVIEW: Mickey Keating’s Pod opens in a snowy woodland; there, we see Martin (played by Brian Morvant), who walks between the trees, gun in hand and dog at his heel. Things go awry, however, when his dog runs off, only to be found in ...

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Wake Up And Kill | What Have You Done To Solange? Releases to bluray


New from Arrow Video US Wake Up And Kill (2-Disc Special Edition) (November 24) and  What Have You Done To Solange?(December 15)  via MVD Entertainment Group MVD Entertainment Group furthers the distribution of Arrow Video in the US with two new titles… Wake Up And Kill (2-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray + DVD] coming November 24 “An important step in the evolution of Lizzani’s crime cinema.” ...

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Toronto International Film Festival Thriller “THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS” Acquired By Vertical Entertainment


Following its world premiere early this year at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, Vertical Entertainment has acquired North American rights to Nick Simon’s horror crime thriller THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS starring Kal Penn, Claudia Lee, Kenny Wormald, Toby Hemingway, Luke Baines, Miranda Rae Mayo, Katharine Isabelle, and Mitch Pileggi.  The film was executive produced by Nawaf Alghanim and ...

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Survive Friday the 13th with Shudder


Do you feel lucky? Why risk all the bad omens on Friday the 13th when you could stay in and watch an amazing lineup of films on Shudder.  Black cats, dark deaths, and urban legends- you’re sure to find something to get you through the day. Check out these highlights from the Shudder: 

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Nikkatsu takes HEADSHOT with Vertical Entertainment & xyz


Nikkatsu Corporation has partnered with Vertical Entertainment and XYZ Films for global distribution of the Indonesian action thriller HEADSHOT. The companies will coordinate to release the film day-and-date around the globe on digital and VOD platforms, alongside targeted theatrical releases in select territories. HEADSHOT, which is currently in production in Indonesia, is directed by the Mo Brothers (Timo Tjahjanto and ...

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Supernatural Film TRACE Takes on Electronic Voice Phenomena


Trace, a supernatural film released by TERROR FILMS focuses on the use of Electronic Voice Phenomena and the spirits that lay just outside of our world that threaten to tear it apart. The film centers on a group of friends led by Nick (Nick Fink – Ghost Squad) and his music studio partner, Duffy (August Roads – Loserville). One night ...

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