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Film Review: Brain Dead (2007)



Book Review: The Book of Legion – Issue 1


Author Ryan Mojica, Freebird Hayes, Reverend Thomas Thorn
Pencils: Ryan Mojica, James Helkowski
Colors: Michelle Kruse, Ryan Mojica
Letters: Michelle Kruse
Publisher: Legion Studios
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Full Color – 48 pages
Price: $3.95

The Book of Legion #1 is anthology book unlike any I had ever read before. Within these pages were three stories that, … Continue reading


Film Review: Enter The Void (2009)



Do you ever wonder what exactly does happen to you after you shudder off this mortal coil? You probably aren’t alone; in fact Gaspar Noe has a very beautiful and twisted vision of what happens to one after they die…. allow him to show you.


Year: 2010
Directed by: Gaspar Noe
Starring: Nathaniel Brown, Paz De La Huerta, Cyril Roy

“I’m scared of … Continue reading

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And Soon the Darkness: Release and stills Gallery


Stephanie (Amber Heard) and Ellie’s (Odette Yustman) vacation to an exotic village in Argentina is a perfect ‘girl’s getaway’ to bask in the sun, shop and flirt with the handsome locals. After a long night of bar-hopping, the girls get into an argument, and Stephanie heads out alone in the morning to cool off. But when she returns, Ellie has disappeared. Finding signs of a struggle, Stephanie fears the worst, … Continue reading


Film Review: Psycho Shark (2009)



Mai and Miki are two young and attractive girls who are traveling to Okinawa for a vacation. Once the girls are settled into their hotel room Miki quickly finds a small video cassette which lets the young girl know that their vacation is about to become a nightmare!

“I’m going to create many memories!”

Year: 2009
Directed by: John Hijiri

I thought upon seeing the title Psycho … Continue reading

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Film Review: Shadowland (2010)



Why is it that stupid people working near churches feel the need to just rip things out of the ground, don’t they know things were put there for a reason! Some blundering workers at a site near a church realize this when they suddenly rip a stake out of a cross that is found buried on the churches grounds. Now I might not be the smartest of men, however removing … Continue reading

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2 new nasties from CAV – Sex And Black Magic | The Real Cannibal Holocaust


Sex And Black Magic
Pre-book: 01/11/11. Streets: 02/08/11. SRP: 29.95
UPC#: 812592015054. Cat#: 17M005
Label: One 7 Movies
Run Time: 97 Minutes. In Italian, Subtitled in English. Color. Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1
Dolby Digital 5.1

An aging couple travels to an exotic island in order to give their fading sexual life a boost. Little do they know that they will get far more than they are ready to ask … Continue reading


Limitless: New trailer – Deniro and Cooper in new thriller


New Trailer for thriller starring Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro! This one looks like a winner, and a great premise to boot.
synopsis: A copywriter discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities.
comign 2011

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Book Review: It Came From Del Rio – Author Stephen Graham Jones


It Came From Del Rio, Part 1 of the Bunnyhead Chronicles

Texas is a state built for stories. It is wide and flat and hard. You can stand in a pasture and see in any direction for miles and miles and you know that you are alone and anything can happen. Texas is a state that promises heat and dirt and thorns and people that can be just as hard and unforgiving … Continue reading

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Book Review: Terminator Salvation – The Offical Companion – Author Tara Bennett


Written by Tara Bennett
Published by Titan Books
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 144 pages
Price: $29.95

The year is 2018 ……coming off the huge franchise undertaking, Terminator Salvation adds another chapter to the already in place trilogy. This time we see the effect of skynet on the world after the end of days. We meet the 30-ish John Connor and … Continue reading

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Film Review: Kiss The Abyss (2010)



When a young woman is brutally killed by an intruder, her husband and estranged father conspire to bring her back from the dead with the help of a mysterious desert dweller. Soon after she awakens, she begins to realize that something is horribly wrong…


How are all of my acolytes all round’ the globe today? I hope you are all suffering & offering penance … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Ghoul – Issue 1


Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Bernie Wrightson
Colors: Tom Smith
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Tom Waltz
Published by: IDW Publishing
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Full Color – 32 pages
Price: $3.99

“When Los Angeles Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt finds himself in the middle of a Hollywood mystery that falls way outside the norm, he knows he’s going to need … Continue reading

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Black Death: announces new poster


starring Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne and Carice van Houten!

Set during the time of the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England, a young monk is tasked with learning the truth about reports of people being brought back to life in a small village.

BLACK DEATH will be available via On-Demand, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu, and iTunes February 4 and in theaters starting March … Continue reading


Announcing DIABOLIQUE Magazine – Gothic Horror for the Connoisseur


Announcing DIABOLIQUE, the new FULL COLOR magazine that explores Gothic horror in film, literature, history and art, to push our understanding of the genre.

Diabolique Magazine, (published bimonthly), is the first genre magazine of its kind to take a truly Global and scholarly perspective on the wonderful world of fantasy.

By presenting timely articles, columns and criticisms from a variety of established authors and other experts in their fields … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Is It January Yet?!

Heya Freaks and Minx!

Crazy crazy crazy days have been going on but I am glad to have a minute to finally sit and write to you all!

Have you all had a great holiday season so far? Ha! Me neither. I hate the crunch of the holidays. Buying presents, fighting my way through lines of sales hungry beasts just to get a damn pair of socks,  wanting to beat old ladies in those stupid … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Ark: by Thomas Burchfield: Coming 03.15.11 – Ambler House Publishing


For a century, Dracula–the Prince of Nightmares, the Superman of Evil–has been quietly casting his dark and impish dreams over the sleeping souls of a High Sierra community who only know him as the eccentric recluse who lives under the forbidding peak known as Dragon’s Ark. But now, facing a modern world intent on washing away the shadows of his enchanting but haunted world, the Vampire King gives life to a dying … Continue reading


Horror Talk: 12.15.10


Greetings, boys and ghouls! Welcome back to Horror Talk, hosted once again by your friendly neighborhood gorehound and indie filmmaker extraordinaire, Travis Legge. The wild ride here at Horror Talk continues. While other websites and columns are succumbing to “best of 2010” lists and other holiday season roundups, here at Horror Talk, we are gonna keep things business as usual, giving you a glimpse into this week in Horror.

In Movie news, Half Moon, the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Down the Road (Short film) (2008)



Down the Road is a fifteen-minute animated psychological thriller. Driving home late one evening, Reverend Henry picks up a hitchhiker. The incident seems random, but the mysterious passenger claims to possess psychic powers and discloses a surprising knowledge of the Henry´s innermost thoughts and secrets.


Animated, short and sweet, this little piece is created in what reminded me of Flash animation style … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Ten Steps (Short film) (2004)



Set in Ireland, a family moves to a new city neighborhood, taking residence in a large, old house that is rumored to have a dodgy past. Their young daughter Katie is caught in a power outage while the parents are out to dinner, and her father insists that she go down to the basement to fix the fuse. When they’d first moved in, Katie had a panic attack in the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Fringe (Short film) (2008)



Young Madeleine thinks there’s a man in the dark. Her mother doesn’t believe her, so she sets about to prove it with her Polaroid camera.


There’s not a whole ton you can say in a review about a horror short that lasts only 5 minutes, but none-the-less this intriguing piece delivers on 2 common fears. One…someone or something in the house and two, the purpose of … Continue reading

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Outcast: British Thriller makes waves – images posted


Outcast, the debut feature from director Colm McCarthy (Spooks; The Tudors; Murphy’s Law), is an “intelligent, engaging, and unexpectedly creepy” ( contemporary supernatural horror film steeped in ancient Celtic occult, mythology and mysticism.

Boasting a strong cast of established British and Irish acting talent that includes James Nesbitt (Five Minutes Of Heaven; Murphy’s Law), Karen Gillan (Doctor … Continue reading

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