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Film Review: Nightmares in Red, White and Blue (2009)



An exploration of the appeal of horror films, with interviews of many legendary directors in the genre.


Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film
In a film such as this that pays tribute to the horror genre and thousands of clips, it really requires an expert editor at the helm. The editor in this case happens to be one in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Biblio Vampiro – Author Robert Curran


Biblio Vampiro: An Essential Guide to Vampires and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them

In my opinion one of the coolest things that I’ve seen with the increase in vampire visibility the last few years is the emergence of even cooler looking books published. Content aside, the publishers really go all out with all the visual treats and this edition titled “Biblio Vampiro” is no exception. Sporting a stylized cover reminiscent of old … Continue reading

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Film Review: Troll 2 (1990)



Young Jonathan is shocked to find that the bedtime stories he was told by his deceased grandfather, the infamous GRAMPA SETH, of evil GOBLINS who turn people into living vegetables in order to eat them, is about to come to terrifying reality on a family trip to the town of NILBOG. With the assistance of the Troll master, CREEDENCE LEONORE GIELGUD, the Trolls wish to feed Jonathan’s family evil … Continue reading

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Interview: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn / Danielle Harris (The Victim)


Special Edition With The VIXENS OF THE VICTIM

Hey Fiends, I now have an extra special trick to treat you all to, the Vixens of The Victim! The talented Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and her legendary husband placed their heart and souls into this thriller about two carefree party girls placed into a terrible and potentially deadly situation. Jennifer not only stars in the film, she also produced the project as well. She opened up her home … Continue reading

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Interview: Adam Green – Director (Hatchet, Frozen, Spiral)


Just three years ago writer-director Adam Green exploded into the consciousness of horror movie fans worldwide with his in your face, no holds barred, old school gorefest of a slasher movie, Hatchet. Critically hailed at the time as “the greatest slasher film in 20 years” the film introduced the world to “the next icon of horror” in the form of villain and anti-hero Victor Crowley, played by horror legend Kane Hodder (the man behind the … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 09.12.10


Hey Fiends, it’s another awesome day to my favorite month of the year, and I have so much to offer including my special upcoming Halloween Edition which will include some new faces as well some legendary ones. Look out for that! I also have some killer news, I have officially become a lead interviewer for the site, I’m so honored! Thank you to my incredible bosses, the Charlie to my angel, Mikey Bonedigger and of … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bleeders (1997)



The victim of a mysterious disease that has the doctors stumped, John Strauss (Roy Dupuis) flies to an island where his relatives are rumored to live, in search of a genetic explanation. But the subterranean creatures he finds are barely even human — and their hunger for human flesh is an obvious health hazard. Can John reconcile his feelings for his nontraditional “family,” or will he help a vengeful scientist … Continue reading

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Film Review: Blood Donors (2010)



When a stalker becomes a vampire, a loving couple is the target. A path of destruction and crazy mayhem leads to poor martial arts, ridiculous victims, and a clown. Just when you think it’s over, it’s not! Comedy shouldn’t be this horror-ible!


Directed by: Kenny Carpenter
Written by: Kenny Carpenter and Bobby Jones
Starring: Bobby Jones, Dana Aritonovich, Boris, Jason Sobol, Dina M. Patel

Vampires are a … Continue reading

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Film Review: Beware: Children at Play (1989)



A small New Jersey town settled deep within the Pine Barrens has been having a really bad last couple of years, people have started to come up missing and most of them are children! It’s up to the local sheriff and his friend, a science fiction author, to find out what exactly has been going on.


Director: Mik Cribben
Starring: Michael Robertson, Rich Hamilton, Danny McClaughlin

“These Aren’t … Continue reading

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Film Review: Better off Undead (short film) (2009)



Marcus, Chris and Evan find themselves stuck in any normal day, when without warning, zombies begin to infest the city. Not knowing exactly what to do, the three attempt to seek shelter at Marcus’ house, but first they have to get there.

Facing the undead, Marcus, Chris and Evan try to survive the zombies and each other. Written and directed by John Pata, and starring Drew Schuldt, Dale DeVries and … Continue reading

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Interview: Author Peter Lemesurier – Nostradamus Bibliomancer


In your years of studying Nostradamus, have your become disillusioned or even disappointed in the facts that you’ve uncovered about him and his legend?

Very much so. This is a common experience among academic scholars studying Nostradamus. The more they study him, the more skeptical they are forced to become, as it becomes more and more obvious that the
many myths about him are simply not borne … Continue reading

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Film Review: Beyond Remedy (2009)



Six medical students travel to a clinic so that they can receive therapy for the fears that may hold them back in their chosen profession. The clinic is run by a Professor Gingrich and a Dr. Lee and the therapy is very confrontational. The clinic also has a frightening past concerning a doctor who gave thirteen children the wrong medication causing them to die. If the ghosts of the clinic … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Time Travel


Our world, our universe, may not just be by itself. We might be just one of many parallel universes. It leads to the possibility that when you make a decision, there’s another you who made the opposite decision in a parallel universe.”
– Dr. Ronald Mallett, professor of physics at the University of Connecticut

The Grandfather Paradox is one of the most … Continue reading

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Konami ‘Castlevania’ premiers new FB app!


KONAMI today unveiled a new Facebook application that will entice both Castlevania and Facebook fans alike. The Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Challenge is an exciting companion to the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow console game, expanding the realm of Castlevania to the social sphere by allowing users to battle their Facebook friends, unlock special Castlevania content, and build the ultimate viral army of good or evil.

About the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow … Continue reading

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The Monster Killers Club Premieres on Dread Central October 20th

If any of you ever read the books “Blood Lust Romance” & “Blood Lust Revenge” by the crazy and quite disturbing Creep Creepersin, you will be happy to hear that he is back and ready for action, this time with a web series! His newest venture, a web series called “MKC: The Monster Killers Club,” will sir its first episode on Dreadcentral.com on October 20th. The show is written and directed by Creepersin and produced … Continue reading

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Interview: Darin Read / Director

Horrornews Exclusive Interview :  Darin Read

Short Film: Up Under The Roof

Where did the concept of “up under the roof” come from?

I’ve been obsessed with fear and how people overcome it all my life. Like many children, I was afraid of the dark (or what I imagined lurked in it). I watched horror films and read “Famous Monsters” during daylight hours but grew terrified at night when the lights went … Continue reading

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Tim Burton’s Retrospective at the MoMA

If it’s Halloween, it must be time for Nightmare before Christmas! Earlier this year I had the pleasure of seeing Tim Burton’s Exhibit at the MoMA.

Tim Burton has a way of making the utterly macabre seem warm and delightfully endearing. He’s so great at what he does he was offered an exhibition spot at the Museum of Modern Art, or the MoMA. From November 22, 2009 until April 26, … Continue reading

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Horror movies? How about horror poetry.

antigonish house

“Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away…

When I came home last night at three
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Continue reading

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Film Review: 7 Faces Of Dr. Lao (1964)

7 Faces Of Dr. Lao DVD 1

“An old Chinese gentleman rides into the town of Abalone, Arizona and changes it forever, as the citizens see themselves reflected in the mirror of Lao’s mysterious circus of mythical beasts.” (courtesy IMDB)

The early sixties were mostly years when proven formulas were being repeated, though the horror film was to hold a few surprises and, in Europe and Japan, a new generation of intellectuals was discovering the … Continue reading


Film Review: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962)

Brain That Wouldn't Die DVD 1

“Doctor Bill Cortner has been performing experimental surgery on human guinea pigs without authorisation and against the advice of his father, also a surgeon. When Bill’s fiancĂ©e Jan Compton is decapitated in an automobile accident, he manages to keep her brain alive. He now needs to find a new body for his bride-to-be and settles on Doris Powell, a glamour model with a facial disfigurement. Jan meanwhile doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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Doc Rotten’s Halls of Horror: Second-Tier Draculas


In 1897, Archibald Constible & Co. first published Bram Stoker’s epistolary horror novel, Dracula, and introduced the literary world to the vampire Count: a legend was born. When the motion picture business matured, the story became fodder for film adaptation, first with F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922), where the names were changed to avoid copyright, and then with Todd Browning’s Dracula (1931). The following decades would see many adaptations of the terror classic. Some of the … Continue reading

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