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Kevin Williamson Pitching New Series: “THE X-FILES meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER”

Kevin Williamson has a new project in the works and from the vague description of the premise it appears to include vampires and aliens, oh, and the FBI, and maybe even a high school cheerleader thrown into the mix too. No, it’s not another one of those parody movies, or even a description of Williamson’s upcoming Scream film, this little gem is going to be a companion series for the CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

The … Continue reading

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Throwing Stones: web distribution pair announced

Teen horror Web Series THROWING STONES lands double Web TV distribution with KoldCast TV and The Mingle Media Television Network! Both networks will launch the series beginning Wednesday January 5, 2011 on their networks with a frequency of a new episode each week for (8) weeks based on eight webisodes.

MMTVN will also host a live Throwing Stones Web Show each week that will feature cast and crew from the series along with Q&A, … Continue reading

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Korea – 154,000 people go missing every year – ‘Missing’


Based on true events that shook a nation…

When Film Director, Hong, takes young starlet, Hyun-ah, to the countryside to discuss a new role, they stop at a farm that is renowned for its home-made chicken soup.


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Coffin Joe returns with the BR release of ‘Embodiment of Evil’



After serving a 40-year prison term for the crimes he committed in At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul and This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse, Coffin Joe is finally released from the mental health wing of the SĂŁo Paulo State Penitentiary and back into society. The sadistic undertaker quickly returns … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mischief Night – Author Paul Melniczek


Mischief Night by Paul Melniczek

“When Rusty and his friends decide to visit the local neighborhood haunted house on Halloween night, they get much more than they bargained for, becoming embroiled in a hair-raising escapade which threatens to drag them into a living nightmare. There are more tricks than treats to be found in this old fashioned Halloween romp, and the plot continues to grow deeper and darker … Continue reading

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Sanctum: New debut 1-sheet


Source: IMPA

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Dai Of The Dead: Special Edition ‘Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale’ review


Heya Freaks and Minx!

With today  (Dec 3, 2010) being the theatrical release date for RARE EXPORTS, I wanted to give you guys a heads up about this film! You guys know it takes an act of 17 saints and a couple Russian monkeys to get me to review a film, so pay attention to the point that I am talking about this one. I think you guys may benefit from my advice below ;)

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Interview: Jim Trombetta (The Horror! The Horror!)


The Horror! The Horror! Comic Books the Government Didn’t Want You to Read!
By Jim Trombetta
Published by Abrams ComicArts

What are some of the source materials used to created this collection of rare comics? 

First, when I first got the idea, I studied what was available at Comic-Cons because outside of EC I didn’t really know what existed. I just had an idea it was special somehow. I also … Continue reading

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Film Review: Deus Irae (short) (2010)



Exorcism. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.


It really gives me great pleasure when I can say this about a short film these days among all the titles that come thru our neck of the woods. Deus Irae is one incredible piece of work! But accolades aside, a better way to put it is….imagine that you have just switched on the TV that is in … Continue reading


Film Review: Event Horizon (1997)



A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned…with someone or something new on-board.


It’s quite possible that Event Horizon may be among one of the most chilling films ever created. Then again the backlash from critics and sci fi horror fans complaining of plot holes, fragmented storylines and a genre confusion may beg to differ on my analysis. One thing is … Continue reading


Film Review: Stiff (2010)


Troy wants to die. Lorri has an irresistible need to sleep with a dead man. It’s a perfect match, until Troy begins to fall in love with Lorri.
Every once in awhile a film comes my way that I don’t feel like watching. After viewing the trailer for “Stiff”, I really had no interest. So I sat down to watch it and damn, this … Continue reading

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Interview: Keith Kawamura, Crunchyroll Brand Manager


Crunchyroll entered the online anime world in 2006 and became well-known as a controversial, for-profit upload and streaming site primarily featuring East Asian content. Initially the programs the site hosted included fan-subs and bootlegs of American releases, but as the company began to acquire investors and received a substantial investment from Venrock, Crunchyroll began to pull illegal materials from the site. In 2009, Crunchyroll went legit and removed all infringing material … Continue reading

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Uninvited Books Premier Release


Gardens Of Night by Greg F. Gifune

“The world of men is dreaming,
it has gone mad in its sleep,
and a snake is strangling it, but it can’t wake up.”
~ D. H. Lawrence

“Recovering from an unthinkably violent trauma, Marcus Banyon
comes to perceive a different reality. Have his eyes been opened to
forces long hidden from the rest of humanity, or has … Continue reading

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Going Gaga for Horror


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga steam rolled the music scene in 2008 and gave us pop hits like “Just Dance” and “Pokerface.” During these initial introductions to Gaga, no one was really ready for the chaos and notoriety the “Haus of Gaga” was about to bring on. Lady Gaga not only popped out dance hits but also some rather strange and horror inspired outfits to go … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: UFO issues and updates



White House Press Association has blocked any and all questions to President Obama regarding Extraterrestrials and UFO’s. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs seems to be in the front end of this most recent cover-up attempt.

They’ve created a internal “self-censorship” operation that is designed to allow NO questions regarding Extraterrestrial or UFO issues to ever reach the United States President or … Continue reading

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New 1-sheets – ‘The Resident’ | ‘Season of The Witch’

Two new ones for ya!

Source: IMPA

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Film Review: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)



This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus. Too bad we literally better not pout, or cry, or shout. Because this year Santa really is coming to town &  he ain’t bringing any bags filed with toys. You better watch out indeed…..


It seems like The Black Saint has seen about 50 movies this week alone. I haven’t of course but it’s only Tuesday but who knows what my final tally … Continue reading


Horror Talk: 12.01.10


Greetings, boys and ghouls! Welcome back to Horror Talk, hosted once again by your friendly neighborhood gorehound and indie filmmaker extraordinaire, Travis Legge. I’m still kicking, you’re still reading, and I love you for it! This week is extremely exciting and I want to get right to it.

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

In movie news, it was announced this week that Hatchet II would be Continue reading

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Video Nasties: The Legend, The Myth, The Films


“Video nasty” was a terminology fabricated in the United Kingdom in the 1980s that formerly correlated to numerous films distributed on video cassette that were denounced for their violent content by various religious organizations, in the press and by commentators such as Mary Whitehouse. While violence in cinema had been subjugated of censorship for many years, the insufficiency of a regulatory system for video sales merged with the possibility of any … Continue reading

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List: Horror TV

The first (and very short) season of The Walking Dead is coming to a close this Sunday. I am quite impressed by it as each episode is quite well done, and usually surpasses the previous in excellence. The show is based on a monthly comic book series that started in 2003. In that respect it makes good sense to adapt it into a television program, as opposed to a film. Really, the zombie apocalypse premise … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 5


A Fresh new copy of the magazine “Creepy Images” arrived today, of which I proceeded to secure some proper viewing time to just soak in the images within. We’ve covered all the previous issues which in fact are all of importance especially to horror movie memorabilia collectors, though at least for the moment, it never ceases to amaze me, someof the gems that are dug up and presented here. The magazine which … Continue reading

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