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Book Review: Ninety-Nine Souls – Author Thomas M. Malafarina

How do you kill what can't be killed?

Ninety-Nine Souls is a terrific first novel, though, and a promising debut; it’s about small town conspiracies and the sins of our fathers, greed and corruption, supply and demand and the angst that accompanies them … and eventual comeuppance. It just so happens to be a very sinister horror novel as well. Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 2


Published by Kessler & Benzel Gbr
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 48 pages
Price: $9.50

Are you a horror collector, enthusiast or just admirer of classic movie memorabilia? How’s you interest in stills and lobby cards that at times never even make the movie cut? I think I found the magazine for ya. Creepy Images now on its 2nd release aims to … Continue reading

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3 foreign horror films that do not need remade

This just in: America cannot and will not read subtitles. Ignorance is spreading from coast to coast, is there anything that can stop this epidemic?

Have you ever heard of a remake of a film that was a made just a year after the original was released? Sounds pretty farfetched, but when it comes to Americans and their unwillingness to read, we get light-speed drive-thru service. Quick and speedy films completely re-done just to add … Continue reading


Film Review: My Soul to Take (2010)



A serial killer returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest.


I must apologize to all of you my acolytes for not getting this information to you earlier. Mind you The Black Saint apologizes to no man but after watching Wes Craven’s “My Soul To Take” (which I should’ve watched when it opened a few … Continue reading

Leave a comment is seeking new writer for “Horror Talk”

Are you a fan of horror, like to read, write and want top exposure on our site?
We have an opening for 1 writer to fill in as a weekly columnist for our popular column Horror Talk

Please note this is volunteer only (intern), though it’s great way to get yourself in the thick of the industry really fast.

– We would like a weekly posting on Horror Talk
(if semi … Continue reading

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Do You Wanna See Something REALLY Scary?


I have recently acquired the positively lethal combination of a Nintendo Wii (a wedding gift, thanks, Emily) and a NetFlix account.

While this has had a somewhat detrimental impact on my productivity, I have been able to catch up on a slew of movies that I had been wanting to see, but simply not gotten around to renting. My wife and I have been glued to the television for the past couple of days ticking … Continue reading

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New comic from Scattered Comics Studios available NOW- Halloween!

After years of drawing and creating horror comics for other writers and comic book publishers, Scattered Comics Studios artist Arianna Sherman releases her first horror comic book entitled “Thriller”.

“Thriller” is the story of Noel’ a young vampire who is pledged to wed her step brother, she makes the decision to run away from the only life she knows and try to make a new life as a normal human teen-aged girl; Noel will not … Continue reading

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The LXD – features a scary Halloween episode on Hulu

It’s up on HULU now!

Chapter 12:  Out at sea, in the dead of night, evil rises for a search and destroy mission of The LXD.

About Season 2
This season, Dance goes evil. The epic saga charges forward with THE LXD: SECRETS OF THE RA as the forces of good and evil go head to head towards an explosive showdown and true heroes are revealed. Trevor Drift (Luis “Bboy … Continue reading

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Hot Honeys and Hunks of horror calendar – Now available with our own Dai Green!

Following the 2009 Hot Hunks of Horror Calendar and the 2010 Hot Honeys and Hunks of Horror Calendar, producers Andrew Rose and Eve Blaack continue the fight against breast cancer, with the 2011 Hot Honeys and Hunks of Horror Calendar.

As in previous years, 100% of the profits from the sale of this calendar will be donated to The Lynn Sage Foundation . The Lynn Sage Foundation, established by the family of Lynn … Continue reading

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Doc Rotten’s Halls of Horror: Michael Ripper, an introduction

Curse of the Werewolf

Michael Ripper, an introduction

This Halloween season, I’ve been sitting down each weekend with my nine year old daughter to watch the Hammer horror festival on Turner Classic Movies. Horror of Dracula, The Mummy, Curse of Frankenstein, Plague of the Zombies, they’re all here. As we began our third week of flicks to enjoy, my daughter made an enlightening observation; she began to recognize a recurring actor in many of the films we … Continue reading


Interview: Paul Duncan / Horror Cinema

Horror Cinema

HorrorNews Interview: Paul Duncan – Horror Cinema

Mike Joy: Its hard to believe that horror cinema has only been around for over 100 years. This book gives the reader an entertaining glimpse through the history of horror on film, from the Edison Studios Frankenstein short film in 1910 to this modern era of horror here in 2010.How long did it take to compile all the knowledge that is trapped in this … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Black Hole


New research determines the largest black hole ever measured, and I’m not talkin’ bout your mama. In the center of the M87 galaxy this black hole weighs 6.4 billion times our Sun’s mass. That’s like two times as big as astronomers once thought.

Here’s a chart that compares a black hole and a bulge.

I don’t know, why does this all sound filthy to me?

This isn’t Walt Disney’s Black Hole. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Screem Magazine – Issue 21


SCREEM #21 is now available!

Our cover by artist Daniel Horne celebrates the 50 year milestone of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. We then take a look at two under appreciated cult films, Slthis and Horror High, which have recently been unearthed on DVD in new special editions.

Next, Tom Weaver interviews Mr. B.I.G. himself, Bert I. Gordon. They discuss 1957’s The Cyclops, which has just seen the light … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 10.27.10 – Halloween Edition


Mwhahaha! It’s finally upon us. . the time of year when even the most closeted of horror fans can come out to play. A time when the suburban streets are blanketed with horrific imagery, and the ghouls and demons of this world come out to party hard. Oh yes, it is the time for Halloween and to commemorate this my favorite time of year, I have lined up this Special Edition of Horror Talk to … Continue reading

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Book Review: HotWire – Deep Cut – Issue 2


Get ready for issue 2 as the world of Hotwire spins further into astral obscurity with a ghost filled word gone wild. Alice Hotwire is finally making a connection with the local police, after saving them from a nasty spectral cop killer. Things though are about to get much more interesting as we find out that a device exists called the “soul eater” can obliterate souls from existence. Yep ghost or no … Continue reading

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updates on ‘Throwing Stones’ with new trailer!

This just in, from the team of Throwing Stones:

Video yearbook diaries will slowly be made available for viewers to unlock so they can learn more about each character before the web series begins.  When Assistant Principal Beckett set out to focus on fixing the ‘broken windows’ of Blair High, as an administrator he had a good idea of who to add to his list. However, when the journalism class set out to create a … Continue reading

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DarkBrain – independent comic team seeks submissions is an edgy web comic studio that produces graphic novels (PG-13 and R-rated) with voice-over narration and music. With over 300 pages of content, all free for readers, DarkBrain has attracted over 22,000 readers in the last two months alone with its recent release of “Church of One” featuring the voice talents of Tabitha Stevens, Raylene and Tony Campos. Now, DarkBrain is looking for some Independent Comics to partner with.

DarkBrain is looking for … Continue reading

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NEW YORK CITY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL Announces films & Robert Englund


THE NEW YORK CITY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL Announces the 2010 Feature Film Selection & The 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, ROBERT ENGLUND

Opening Night Party November 10th, 2010 at Festival Screenings Take Place November 9th thru the 14th, 2010 at

{New York, NY, October 26, 2010) – The New York City Horror Film Festival ( today announced their full programming slate of short and feature films, featuring over 50 films submitted from … Continue reading

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Alien From the Deep: the latest from the folks at CAV


Somewhere deep in the jungle a chemical corporation dumps tons of toxic waste in a still active volcano. Two nvironmentalists try to expose these illegal ways of getting rid of hugely dangerous waste, but they get caught by the vigilantes working for the company. One of them, the super-hot Maria Giulia Cavalli, manages to escape and she is saved by a snake farmer who lives alone in the jungle. Together they try to bring down … Continue reading

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Film Review: 30 Days Of Night – Dark Days (2010)



After surviving the incidents in Barrow, Alaska, Stella Olemaun relocates to Los Angeles, where she intentionally attracts the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband, Eben


Director – Ben Ketai
Starring – Kiele Sanchez, Rhys Coiro, Diora Baird, Harold Perrineau, Mia Kirshner

If you love vampires or just love to see women toting guns a la Linda Hamilton in T2, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Devil’s Playground (2010)



A medical experiment in England goes horribly wrong (imagine that!) and thousands of people are turned into incredibly fast, parkour performing zombie-like creatures. A small group of survivors (including Angela, the only person who was a part of the experiment that didn’t change) struggle to stay alive as they are attacked by the zombies over and over again. Will they make it out alive or are they … Continue reading

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