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Vampire Circus: rolls its caravan onto Bluray 12.14.10




A little girl is brutally slain by a vampire in a tiny 19th century Austrian village. Seeking revenge, the townspeople invade the foreboding castle of Count Mitterhaus and kill him for the crime. As the Count falls, he curses the villagers and vows that … Continue reading

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Signed Copies of RAIJU


Author Karen Koehler, whose book Raiju I reviewed for Famous Monsters of Filmland has stated on her blog that her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has to undergo a double mastectomy.

For those who know someone stricken with any type of cancer, you know what a toll it can take physically, emotionally and financially.

Karen is offering signed copies of her novel Raiju to help out her … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dead Future – Issue 2


Writers: Sebastian Piccione, Candy Hart, Daniel Palmer
Artists: Martinho Abreu, Julio Falkenhagen, Juha Veltti
Letters: Martin Brandt II, Juha Veltti
Publisher: Grim Crew
Publication Date: 2009
Format: 40 pages
Price: $3.99

” The stories of undeath continue in anthology two. These tales of the undead, arisen to devour the living, leaving nothing but a wasteland behind them. Yes, that is what … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Horror Hosts


Gather around one and all,

Plant yourself in front of the boob-tube for some of your favorite horror treasures. I used to love watching scary movies as a kid. Even better, I used to love it when someone hosted those movies and talked a bit about them and took you through each commercial breaks. Those were the times. Now, most people “gather round” the computer screen instead… and I guess that’s … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dark Delicacies – Issue 1


written by F. Paul Wilson, Steve Niles, Joe R. Lansdale and Neal Barrett Jr.,
Published by IDW
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color
Price: $3.99

Dark Delicacies is the first edition from the IDW line of comics to come our way. Set up like “Tales from he Crypt” each edition is designed to feature 2 horror tales by noted authors to be released … Continue reading

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2 new 1 sheets to check out – Season of The Witch / Saw 3D foreign

Source: IMPA

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Film Review: Poultrygeist: Night of the Dead Chicken (2007)



What happens when a fast-food chicken franchise is built on a sacred Native American burial site rife with restless spirits? Zombie chickens! Now it’s up to high school grad Arbie (Jason Yachanin) to find a way to destroy the featherless fiends. Or will the fowl beasts turn the hungry drive-thru customers into the insatiable undead, too? This gleeful free-range romp through the supernatural also features Kate Graham and Allyson Sereboff.

Continue reading

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Film Review: Push (2009)



On the run from the Division, a dangerous government agency that uses people with psychic abilities to do their bidding, telekinetic Nick Gant (Chris Evans) and clairvoyant Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning) team up to find a third psychic who can help them destroy the organization. But when the Division picks up their trail, it sends a powerful agent (Djimon Hounsou) to stop them at all costs. Paul McGuigan directs this … Continue reading

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Film Review: Prey (1978)



Barry Stokes, Sally Faulkner and Glory Annan star in this horror film about an alien with a yen for human flesh. After landing his spacecraft on Earth in a remote part of Britain, an alien kills a young man, assumes his identity and shows up at the home of Jessica and her jealous lover, Josephine. Unaware that the strange light she saw in the sky is connected with … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dark Faith – Editors: Maurice Broaddus | Jerry Gordon


Edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon
Published by: Apex Publications
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Black / White – 360 pages
Price: $19.95

Many people believe that faith and horror do not mix, but I would be among the first to argue that point. The experience of terror is an intensely spiritual one and spiritual experiences can often be quite terrifying.

Dark Faith is an … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 11.10.10

Heather Mason

Greetings, boys and ghouls! Welcome back to Horror Talk, hosted once again by your friendly neighborhood gorehound and indie filmmaker extraordinaire, Travis Legge. I have not gotten the ax as of yet, so apparently I must be doing something right!

Let me begin by giving a big thank you to the readers who shared and reposted the link to last week’s article. I’ve already had the fortune of making some new friends … Continue reading

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Film Review: 20/20 (Short film) (2010)



In 2010, time is running out for those who haven’t already been affected by an inexorable super-virus that spreads from computers to humans through radio waves.


We are told that the planet has changed. An intelligent force has taken over, namely our own technology. This new program which is dubbed 20/20 is a version the Albert Eistein program which ______

We are told that the planet has changed. An … Continue reading

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Film Review: Tetsuo – The Bullet Man (2010)



An American named Anthony is living and working in Tokyo and married to a Japanese woman. When their son is killed by the same driver who creates the Tetsuos in previous films, he makes the transformation into Tetsuo


An assault on your senses… this was the first and presiding thought that came over me as I dug into Shinya Tsukamoto’s latest and long awaited follow up to the Tetsuo … Continue reading

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Film Review: Death Watch (1980)

Death Watch poster 1

“Roddy has a camera implanted in his brain. He is then hired by a television producer to film a documentary of terminally ill Katherine, without her knowledge. His footage will then be run on the popular television series Death Watch.” (courtesy IMDB)

A common feature of modern dystopias is to imagine a future so devoid of natural fulfillment for ordinary people that, like vultures of the mind, they … Continue reading


Film Review: Zardoz (1974)

Zardoz poster 1

“In the distant future, Earth is divided into two camps – the barely-civilised group and the overly-civilised one with mental powers. A plague is attacking the second group, after which its members cease to have any interest in life and become nearly catatonic. When Zed, one of the barbarians, crosses over, the tenuous balance in their world is threatened.” (courtesy IMDB)

“I have seen the future and it … Continue reading

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Film Review: Animal House (1978)

Animal House Blu-ray 1

“Faber College has one Frat house so disreputable it will take anyone. It has a second one full of white, anglo-saxon, rich young men who are so sanctimonious no one can stand them except Dean Wormer. The Dean enlists the help of the second Frat to get the boys of Delta House off campus. This film gives high-jinks and fooling around a bad name. The Dean’s plan comes into play … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: I Was a Zombie


I’ve never had the opportunity to share this experience. It seems like a lifetime ago. Once upon a time I was a zombie. It all started when I got this flier from my best friend. He picked it up over at one of the Exhumed Film screenings. They were looking for extras to play zombies in a horror movie to be filmed locally. I loved horror films, so this sounded like … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dead of Night (featuring Manthing) – Issues 1-4


DEAD OF NIGHT #1-4 (Comics)
Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artist: ‘Kano’ #1, Brian Denham #2, Javier Saltares #3
From Max Comics (Marvel Comics adult line)
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Full Color, 22 pages
Price: $3.99

Ted Sallis lives in Citrusville Florida. Or at least he lived there when he was human. Ted is a renown Biologist/Chemist working to create something called ‘Operation Rebirth’ formula … Continue reading

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Film Review: Pray for Hell (2008)


(aka “Come Hell or Highwater”)


After his father and brother are brutally murdered, cop Tonka (Alan Wone) stops at nothing to bring justice — very deadly justice — to the perpetrators of the crime. But as he sinks deeper into his quest for vengeance, Tonka loses hold of his own humanity. Portland, Ore.,-based filmmaker Todd E. Freeman keeps the blood flowing fast and furiously in this low-budget, violent … Continue reading

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IFC Developing New Series With a Psychotic Slant

IFC announced that they are picking up a total of eight new shows. In that tally is a little untitled action series about a psychotic criminal juggling a criminal enterprise and an active social life. The premise reads like “The Sopranos” meets “Dexter” and may be a potential hit for the channel if it is half as good as either of those shows. Executively produced by Spencer, Michael Prupas and Bruce Hills, and produced by … Continue reading

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Scandinavian Zombie Flick ZONE 261


The fascination with zombie infection has spread all over the world from Cuba to Japan and now Sweden’s own has made their film interpretation of the virus. In ZON 261, the year is 2013 and survivors in an apocalyptic Landskrona struggle to escape both the city and the impending threat of infection. Billed as a “a zombie movie – that isn’t a zombie movie – about xenophobia,” zombie films and political and … Continue reading

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