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Comic Review: Nazi Werewolves from Outer Space – Issue 1


Issue: Nazi Werewolves from Outer Space #1 Writer: Simon Sanchez Artist: Dean Juliette, Don Marquez, Jason Flowers Publisher: Trauma Comics Release Date: 2012 Pages: 24 Price: $3.75 β€œAdolf Hitler has returned (with a new look!) and he brings Nazi Werewolves From Outer Space to conquer Earth. This debut issue features a young Jack Lynch who must rise to the occasion ...

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Something Ain’t Right With ‘Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines’ Coming Soon


Horror legend Doug Bradley stars in this all-new, unrated chapter of the WRONG TURN franchise available onBlu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy October 23rd Now that horror fans have the backstory on the Hillbilly Cannibal’s β€œBloody Beginnings”, the franchise rejoins the infamous disfigured brothers as they return when WRONG TURN 5: BLOODLINES debuts on unrated Blu-ray, DVD and, for the first ...

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Film Review: First Blood (1982)


SYNOPSIS: A mentally unstable Vietnam war vet, when abused with a small town’s police force, begins a one man war with it. REVIEW: I’ve never found it to hard to convince others what a great films “First Blood” is. While you don’t really place Stallone films into the cult category, this particular entry is probably the closet to that category ...

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Comic Review: Monocyte – Issue 4


Issue: Monocyte #4 Writers: Menton3, Kasra Ghanbari, Steve Niles, Barron Storey Artists: Menton3, Chris Newman, Ben Templesmith Covers: Menton3, David Stoupakis, Phil Hale Publisher: IDW Release Date: May 2012 Price: $3.99 β€œThe world is in in chaos. Monocyte makes his way to Azrael as the human slaves are freed… Series conclusion with art by menton3 (ZvR: Aventure, Silent Hill) and ...

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Interview: Director Jason Horton


Jason Horton is an up and coming writer/director with several movies to his credit. I was able to speak to him recently about movies and other things and he is without a doubt a talented guy with a great sense of humor who knows what he wants when it comes to filmmaking. Todd Martin: So what movies have you written ...

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Film Review: Twins of Evil (1971)


SYNOPSIS: In nineteenth century middle-Europe, orphaned teenage twins Maria and Frieda go to live with their uncle Gustav Weil, who heads the Brotherhood, a vigilante group trying to stamp out vampirism. But their methods are random and misplaced and the only result is a terrorised populace. The real threat lies with Count Karnstein, and although the twins seem outwardly to ...

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