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Minds Eye Entertainment, in association with Bridgegate Pictures and VMI Worldwide, have financed and green lit a six-picture production slate of sci-fi, action and thriller films.  Minds Eye Entertainment will distribute the films in North America, while VMI Worldwide will distribute the titles internationally.  The six films will also be shot for the new Barco Escape three-screen, panoramic theatrical format, which fully …

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TV Review: Hannibal (Season 3) (TV Series) (2015)


SYNOPSIS: Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers. Season 3 marks the 3rd and final season of this series. REVIEW: Season 3 closes off the Hannibal trilogy as it was announced that there would not be a renewal for a …

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MONSTERLAND / Available on DVD and Digital Video June 7th


RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) in association with DreadCentral brings you MONSTERLAND. Directed by Graham Denman (The Divine Tragedies), Jack Fields (“Happy Memories”),Erik Gardner (Dreamtakers), Andrew Kasch (Tales of Halloween, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy), Patrick Longstreth (“Hellyfish”), Sander Maran (“Curiosity Kills”), Robert Mclean (“Hellyfish”), The McCoubrey Brothers (“The Grey Matter”), Corey Norman (The Invoking 2), John Skipp (Tales …

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Trailer: Vfiles (2016)


Grim has just died. He’s thrown into purgatory and suffers from amnesia as he tries to understand his situation. He’s guided by his guardian angel Neon while also being haunted by Bones who is trying to collect his mortal soul. Also, Instagram won’t refresh

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Film Review: Hard Line (2016)


SYNOPSIS: Dead Rush is the end of the world as we know it, as seen through the eyes of one man – David (David Michael Moote), as he takes us through his journey: before, during and after the zombie apocalypse. REVIEW: There are always new ways to present films. As technology advances, filmmakers take advantage of these new means of …

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Film Review: Don’t Look in the Basement 2 (2015)


SYNOPSIS: Back in the 70’s something quite horrible happened at Stephens Sanitarium and several patients and staff members were murdered. Now it has reopened under a new name and the only survivor of that terrible day has been admitted there as a new patient. Unfortunately upon his arrival people start acting strangely and even dying under mysterious circumstances. Does he …

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Video Madness: Hardcore Wrestling International

In the early 90’s there were a group of guys, from the mean streets of Gloucester City, who created a wrestling group literally from the ground up. They quickly made New Jersey the hot bed for “backyard wrestling” before backyard wrestling was trending worldwide. The promotion was called Hardcore Wrestling International, and it soon out grew it’s grass roots and …

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Film Review: Faces Of Snuff (2016)


SYNOPSIS: A smorgasbord of different vignettes on snuff films, most of them filmed in a found-footage style, combine in this more-than-2-hour epic. REVIEW: The film opens with a guy talking about how he and his friends had found some snuff films in a box outside a video store, mixed in with other “video nasties.” They then decided to make their …

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Video Madness: Gnomes

Gnome Named Gnorm

Up yours, children! Sorry for that outburst, I just felt like I needed to change it up a bit. Seymour Skinner seemed like a good candidate to do that with. Moving on, here we are,  and we got some more work scheduled for Urban Legends. Let’s get right to it. Gnomes are weird. What is a gnome, exactly? Why does …

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Trailer: Independance Wars Insurgence (2016)

Independance Wars Insurgence (2016) Trailer.mp4.0017

Beyond the dark side of the moon, an ancient portal opens, bringing the return of a ruthless alien species to the ill-prepared planet Earth. The aliens attack with devastating destruction, bringing society quickly to it’s knees. From deep with a secret government facility, a group of military scientists, led by Bruce Kramer, work to find a way to combat the …

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