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Top 30 Horror Films of the Last Decade


(Not in any particular order)

Hey there horror fans, it’s that time of the year when we all reflect on what and where the previous years have brought us.. You’ll read alot of lists this time of year, though that doesn’t mean that they are the final say but rather an individual’s perspective. We wanted to give you a chance to hear us out of what we thought were … Continue reading

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List: Top 10 Horror Inspired Mashups

The popular thing to do these days is a little something called a “mash-up”. The popularity has risen thanks to the pulp-culture phenomenon known as “Show Choir”. With music it is easy. With movies? Not so much. But it can be funny as hell. And we here at HorrorNews love lists! So I present to you the horror movie mash-up! This is a top 10 list of movies, including at least one horror, that would … Continue reading

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Midnight Movie Soundtrack Release – August 13, 2010


Howlin’ Wolf Records is releasing the film score of MIDNIGHT MOVIE on August 13, 2010.

The supernatural horror/thriller is about a maniacal filmmaker who breaks the barrier between celluloid and reality to stalk attendees at a midnight screening of his black and white cult horror classic THE DARK BENEATH. MIDNIGHT MOVIE, premiered in 2008 at the Chicago Horror Film Festival winning “Best Feature Film.” It is currently available on both Blu-ray and … Continue reading

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TV Review: Happy Town (TV Series) (2010)



Haplin, Minnesota “Happy Town” is approaching five years of peace after being riddled for years by unsolved kidnappings. But, in the wake of this small town’s first crime in five years, some dark truths are being revealed about some familiar faces. They say every town has its secrets… that doesn’t even begin to describe Happy Town.

Want More info on “Happy … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 08.04.10


Hello & a grisly, gloomy day to all of you! The Black Saint is back to serve up some tidbits of terror to all of my growing number of acolytes. I hope you are all as miserable as can be as you read on because when you stop & think about it..I mean REALLY think about it, what the f*ck do we have to be happy about anyway?

“I Spit On Your Grave”

Anchor Bay’s … Continue reading

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Handmade Horrors: Volume One: MORBID DECOR’s Classic Horror Lightbox Lamps

London After Midnight coffin lightbox

Interview with Dave of Morbid Decor and showcase of his handcrafted creepy classic horror themed lightbox lamps! Continue reading


Horror Gossip: 08.01.10


By Monique “The Reaper” Snyman

Hello all my children of darkness! This week I’m in the mood to be scared, what do you all say? I think after my brush with the British ‘horror’ flick “PSYCHOSIS” which I reviewed on www.battleroyalewithcheese.com I earned the right to put some nasty stuff into the column, so all those horror directors can see what fear is and why we want it and thanks to Michael Adam … Continue reading

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12 Pirahna 3D Jokes

Piranha3D is directed by Alexandre Aja,and will be in theaters this summer(2010).

It is the story of prehistoric man-eating fish,getting set free by an underwater earthquake/tremor. A feeding frenzy is to follow, as the little things tear up some springbreakers on a lovely beach!

It stars Elizabeth Shue, Eli Roth, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, and more…

Let’s test the treacherous waters,with:
12 Bad jokes about Piranha3D!!!!

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Horror Talk: 07.31.10


Horror Talk with Rob Delamorte

What’s up Fiend Club, it’s your humble narrator, Rob Delamorte, back from the dead to bring you even more evils coming to horror, and man, do I have some great stuff to tell you maniacs about this time around, including a report on AMC’s newest ghoulish gem.

First to keep you from losing your marbles in the hellish heat..movie news! News that will bring you wanted chills down your tanned, … Continue reading


12 Dead Snow Jokes!

The 2009 Norwegian horror/comedy film, Dead Snow, or Dod Sno, is directed by Tommy Wirkola.It centers on med students spending their spring break on a ski trip, in a cabin.

What they don’t know, is they are about to be attacked by Nazi Zombies! (It could happen)…

I love snow! I love Zombies! Heck, I love movies that vilify Nazis! Let’s get out our sleds, and go downhill with:

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Horror Gossip: 07.21.2010

Hello to all of my favorite fiends who slavishly scour Horrornews.net for whatever rumblings The Black Saint has been hearing here, there & everywhere! I have been a little busier than usual regarding my personal life. Nothing serious..just doing a little pruning of some dead weight (and I’m not talking about trees).

But all is well in my lovely mausoleum now. The spider webs are just right, the mold is growing at a wonderfully alarming … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 07.12.2010

Greetings to all of you foul smelling, ooze covered readers! The Black Saint is back once again this week with tidbits of Horror News for all of you (Those of you that can read) to peruse & fantasize about. I as always will try my damnest to keep tou all up to date with news that you have not heard anywhere else.

And after you’re finished reading my missive you can continue to romp about … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 07.05.10


Horror Talk with Rob Delamorte

Hello again Fiends, it’s your ghoul with the gear, Rob Delamorte back with an extremely special edition for you. I have all the usual gory goodies for you to check out, along with a very special interview, Ms. Friday, Adrienne King, who was generous enough to speak with me in length about so many things, including her return, and oh yes, wine. Her own label to be exact, but … Continue reading


Horror Gossip: 07.01.10


Hello again all you wonderful horror-fanatics! This week we’ll praise horror for what it is, merely because it is praise worthy, don’t you think? In fact I feel horror could be a religion. And with every religion come basic guidelines to follow. So to those who feel horror is their religion, I decided to structure this week’s column around a basic ‘religious’ approach. Now, It is necessary to understand that when you live, breathe and sometimes … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 06.13.10


Welcome Boils and Ghouls!

At long last I found a place where I belong! Now my sick sense of humour and my strange, frowned-upon behaviour and twisted personality can finally be appreciated to its full extent… I hope.


Horror… the excitement that gets fuelled by bloodcurdling screams, blood and gore, the slicing and dicing of helpless, unwilling victims… ah… I cherish it. Off course that isn’t the only reason … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 06.10.10


Hey creeps, I am out of my church of all that is unholy to bless you with some tasty tidbits of news that my acolytes have brought to me as their offerings. To keep themselves in “Bad” standing with the Saint they must provide me with these offerings. Some of them I share with you, my budding worshippers. Some of them…I keep. Let’s get started shall we?


“Preacher” in the mind of the Saint … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk | Video Blog 32



 Dai’s April 6, 2010 VLOG. Sally Show contest included


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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk | Video Blog 31


This weeks contest comes to us from MOUSEENVY.com!
They have graciously decided to give away TWO of their awesome mouses (or is it mice) to our awesome readers!

Here are the rules:
Go to mouseenvy.com and check out their designs. Send me an email to WhatsTheBloodyDeal@yahoo.com with I HAVE MOUSE ENVY in the subject line, then tell me what is your favorite design out of the bunch!

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 30


Heya Freaks and Minx!

Welcome back to this Horror Talk: The column that makes you sexy. ;)

Current events are going to start off this edition as I have always said, real life horrors are way more terrifying than movie ones.

Haiti was hit by an earthquake that registered as a 7.0 on the RS causing over 50,000 deaths and injuries on the tiny island. Children have been seen on the street eating mud pies … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 28

Heya My Freaks and Minx!
I am so happy to be back with you guys, you have NO clue how much I have missed ya.

My tail is uncontrollably wagging as we speak! ;)

This edition we are going to be coveringa few things so I hope you will take sometime to site back, relax, and enjoy the Talk that is Horror on Horror Talk with Dai Green (me)!

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Horror Gossip: 07.20.09 w Interview Kevin Tenney

This shall be one of my favorite columns so far. Mainly, because I have an interview with the director of my favorite horror film of all time, Kevin Tenney. Words cannot explain how happy I am about this. I even went on to tell him I am his biggest fan and well he now refers to me as his biggest fan, HA! Are you guys excited about the Night of the Demons remake??? I am … Continue reading

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