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Critically-Acclaimed Horror Documentary ‘Cropsey’ Coming May


Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the May 10 DVD release of Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio’s documentary “Cropsey,” which tells the real-life horror story of convicted child murderer Andre Rand. The critically-acclaimed film, which has played at major film festivals and is in the midst of a nationwide screening tour, will be released under Breaking Glass’ Vicious Circle Films label. ...

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Bill Plympton – legendary animator appearing at TromaDance


Academy Award nominee, veteran animator, and director Bill Plympton (The Cow Who Wanted to Be A Hamburger, Your Face and the award winning feature film Idiots and Angels) has agreed to be a guest panelist at the 12th Annual Tromadance Film Festival (April 22-23, Asbury Park, New Jersey), it was announced today by Tromadance Founder Lloyd Kaufman. Mr. Plympton will ...

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‘Ninjas vs. Vampires’ on DVD – Vicious Circle Films to Release Horror-Comedy


Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the May 3 DVD release of “Ninjas vs. Vampires,” the follow-up to last year’s cult hit “Ninjas vs. Zombies.” Directed by Justin Timpane and Gary Ugarek, “Vampires” follows two unsuspecting teens as they get swept into an epic battle between Ninjas and Vampires. The film will be released under Breaking Glass’ horror label, Vicious Circle ...

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‘The Inheritance’ on Bluray – rituals, trances and demonic possessions!


Stake Your Claim April 12th on Blu-ray™ and DVD When five ambitious cousins gather at a family homestead to claim an inheritance, they are thrust into a terrifying world of rituals, trances and demonic possessions as they compete for their share of a mysterious family fortune in One Village Entertainment’s gothic thriller The Inheritance. In the tradition of The Shining ...

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Scream of the Banshee’ marks the 200th SYFY original movie


Since 2002, Syfy viewers have experienced mutated sharks, mosquito men, alligators as big as blimps, vengeful demon moths, pterodactyls, werewolves, dragons and really, really big snakes. Plus earthquakes that split the U.S. in half, man-made volcanoes, space storms, tornados made of ice, magnetic meteors and plagues of killer locusts — every unnatural disaster imaginable. Now Syfy celebrates its bi-weekly assault ...

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New Book by Ronald Kelly: Twilight Hankerings – Things That Go Bite in the Night


Twilight Hankerings – Things That Go Bite in the Night (Crossroad Press) CONTENTS: Peacemaker The Boxcar Consumption Then Came a Woodsman Oh, Sordid Shame! The Thing at the Side of the Road Whorehouse Hollow Thinning the Herd From the author: “”Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “appetite” as: a) any of the instinctive desires necessary to keep up organic life; specifically: ...

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INSIDE JOB: Discover the Root of the Global Financial Catastrophe !


Audiences will get a chilling look into what is considered the country’s worst economic downturn since the Great Depression when Academy Award®-winning documentary Inside Job comes to Blu-ray Disc and DVD on March 8, 2011 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Directed by Oscar® winner Charles Ferguson (Best Documentary Feature, Inside Job, 2011; Oscar® Nominee for Best Documentary Feature, No End ...

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