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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 7


Number #7 must be a lucky number, as a brand new “Creepy Images” arrives in its usual and horrifying display of tantalizing retro imagery. This round unleashes a smattering of “Hammer’s The Gorgon” imagery with a German name so long I’m not going to bother trying to copy it correctly. Though with it comes a collection of images under the ...

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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 11


At long last, another fine issue of “Creepy Images” has emerged from the dark abyss to present its wonderfully color pages with full bloody gory. Speaking of blood, you must know I’m referring to the intro section that feature not 1, but 16 bloody lobby card stills form the film “The Melting Man”. The formal title here is “Der Planet ...

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Magazine Review: Dark Side Magazine – Issue 150

Dark Side 150

THE DARK SIDE – ISSUE 150 Editor: Allan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing The series of ‘Special’ issues that The Dark Side is currently going through, with each issue largely dedicated to one major subject, is paying dividends for both the reader and the magazine itself. This latest issue is an AMICUS special, and is every bit as in-depth as the previous ...

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Magazine Review: The Walking Dead Official Magazine – Issue 1


I’m sure the question you’ve been asking yourself as of late is…why isn’t there more “Walking Dead” swag to indulge upon? Well that question is quickly changing into ..why so much DEAD!”. Good reason……cause it’s what the fans want. On that note, we say a warm welcome to the official “The Walking Dead” Magazine as it debuts on its first ...

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side Magazine – Issue 149


THE DARK SIDE – Issue 149 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce Behind yet another beautifully evocative painted cover lies issue 149 of the UK’s longest running horror movie magazine, and it is going from strength to strength. This latest issue is an Indie Horror Special, and as ever features a wealth of material for fans of both the classic and ...

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side Magazine – Issue 148


The Dark Side Magazine issue 148 Editor: Allan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing Just when it seemed this iteration of The Dark Side couldn’t get any better, here is issue 148, and it’s an absolute feast for classic horror fans. Billed as a Hammer Horror Special, almost the entire issue os taken up by some truly sterling material on the legendary studio ...

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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 10


Who’s is that ugly mug on the cover of this issue of “Creepy Images”? Of course it can be none other than that “Anthropophagus” cretin! (Can you say “Anthropophagus” 10x fast??) Yep lots of cool images coming to ya this round with a special feature on the movie “Anthropophagus” to stare back at ya. Stab to the eye, guts spilling ...

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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 9


“Creepy Images Magazine” just sent over their latest edition. Like previous releases, it’s chock full of visual treats for the horror fan and of course the influential collector of lost images. This latest issue #9 boldly displays its small tribute to exploitation memorabilia. And of course right out of the pen comes our favorite naughty exploitation Nazi character Ilsa. Buyers ...

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side Magazine – Issue 147


The Dark Side Magazine – issue 147 Editor: Allan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing It’s always a pleasure to see The Dark Side’s gaudy painted covers on the shelves, and it’s an even greater pleasure to discover the magazine is continuing to go from strength to strength in terms of content. This latest issue features another slew of features on mainly classic ...

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Magazine Review: Grausam Rouge Magazine – Issue 3

Grausam Rouge-3

Grausam Rouge Issue #3 like its previous release straps on the best of horror with a 3rd follow up featuring stills from the production of “Fright Night (1985)”. This issue packs in more images featuring plenty stills of that huge-mouthed fanger-sporting-vampire chick. And in case you never quite made the connection, that’s Amanda Bearse who you might remember from “Married ...

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Magazine Review: Famous Monsters Magazine – Issue 255


By the look of this cover, it appears that FM has taken a special interest in all things LoveCraft. Those tentacled beasts, those brooding stories that creep into your skin like black ink permeating directly to your soul. Yes, it’s an issue dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, so hang on for the journey. “The Re-making of Thriller” recounts ...

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