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Magazine Review: SCREAM Magazine – Issue 32


SCREAM Issue 32 Editor: Rich Cooper Publisher: Scream Magazine Price: Digital $1.99 US Β£1.29 UK €1.76 EUR – Print Β£4.50 UK $8.99 US Bi – Monthly While there’s a gargantuan amount of horror content available online, it’s always great to discover a magazine which is really getting it right. This is the sort of magazine that a lot of horror ...

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 159

The Dark Side Issue 159 Ghoulish Publishing Editor: Allan Bryce After finding the previous issue a little frustrating and unsatisfying, it’s with great pleasure that I can say The Dark Side is well and truly back on track with its latest edition. This issue the balance of brilliant retro features and more contemporary scene based material is spot on, making ...

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side Magazine – Issue 157

The Dark Side Issue 157 Editor: Allan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing The recent spate of themed issues has certainly paid off for The Dark Side, with the magazine seeing a significant rise in circulation and interest across the UK and overseas. Thus it’s hard to begrudge them another Hammer themed issue, this time focussing on the work of writer Tony Hinds, ...

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Magazine Review: Lunchmeat – Issue 7


Magazine review: LunchMeat Issue 7 Editor in Chief: Josh Schafer (Independent Publication) You know, sometimes the passion and excitement for a subject can really reinvigorate your own. When you find material by someone who really understands what makes certain fans tick, it’s impossible not to get caught up in it. Lunchmeat magazine is just such a publication. Lunchmeat is as ...

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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 8


Giving appropriate tribute to a great but not forgotten classic, the new issue of “Creepy Images Magazine” features “that” glaring image of the “girl possessed” from the film “The Evil Dead“. Yep, you guessed it…more exploitation memorabilia to gaze upon from this unique (and compact) little horror mag. Romero’s impact must seem never-ending to fans of this generation. Creepy Images ...

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