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Interview: Doug Sakmann – Director (Evilhead, The XXXorcist, Re-Penetrator)



DS : ‚ÄėEvil Head‚Äô pays¬†homage to the Evil Dead series, in particular Evil Dead 1 & 2. I am a huge¬†fan of Sam Raimi‚Äôs work with the series, and
while ‚ÄėEvil Head‚Äô is a parody of¬†sorts I definitely consider it a tribute to the original films. You‚Äôll see¬†familiar things from Evil Dead 1 & 2 but there will also be a … Continue reading

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Interview: J.R. McGarrity (Night of The Flesh Eaters)


Hey creepy freaks and sexy minx! J.R. McGarrity stopped in to answer our 5 questions about his new movie NIGHT OF THE FLESH EATERS! Get the rundown here and stay tuned for our full interview coming up soon! So kick back, sit back, and relax and get the low down on this new creature feature:

What is the movie?

NIGHT OF THE FLESH EATERS is a comedy/horror creature feature. It was shot on Hi … Continue reading

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Interview: Rachel Grubbs


Hello my creepy freaks and naught minx, Dai here talking with Rachel Grubb about life, times, and the awesomeness that is her. Rachel is not only a kick ass actress, producer, writer, director, she is also highly intelligent and such a doll! This is a woman who can be drooled over by men and admired by women, so sit back, relax, and read on to learn a bit about Rachel Grubb:

Heya … Continue reading

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Interview: Chris Thomas – Director (Only Fools Rush In)


Tell us a bit about ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN.

well without giving too much of the story away… It is a psychological thriller with a rather twisted and dysfunctional love story.¬†

How did you come up with this script?

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Interview: Tom Holland (5 or Die, Child Play, Fright Night, Thinner)


MJ :¬†How did you come up with the concept for “5 or die” ?

TH :¬†It’s experimental, in the sense that we had the writers guild strike and no one was working.¬†This was last spring.¬†A bunch of us thought with everyone sitting around doing nothing, wouldn’t it be great to create something.¬†Everybody is interested in the internet.¬†It’s like one of the old musicals from MGM when I was a kid, with Mickey … Continue reading

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Interview: Robert Rhine (Girls and Corpses Magazine)


Oh my brothers and little sisters, if ever necrophilia was so tempting, such would be the case for me here! Robert ‘Corpsey’ Rhine, Deaditor-In-Chief of Girls And Corpses Magazine, stopped by to give us a piece of his demented deviant mind and talk a bit about his life, work, and opinions about different matters. Hey maybe if Im lucky, I can get him to pop a ‘boner’ also…Ok bad joke, I know. So sit … Continue reading

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Interview: Bill Zebub (Assmonster, Breaking Her Will, ZombieChrist)


MOVIE: The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made & Assmonster: The Making of a Horror Movie

Readers upon checking out Bill’s work, I had to post a few of his trailers. Looks like great bizarre and hilarious stuff for fans of weird psycho guerilla filmmaking horror…. see trailers section for clips – editor

I’m familiar with some of your movies from horror conventions, but where else can … Continue reading

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Interview: Bill Bryan (Stay Puft Marshmellow Man)



When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? BILL BRYAN!! Wait, who? That’s right folks – Bill Bryan, or, some of you may know him better as THE STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN.

You have chosen the form of the destructor, and i’m sitting down with him for some serious issues. Let’s find out what’s beyond the big puffy foam suit, and get … Continue reading

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Interview: Michael Alfieri (Unscripted – The Hunted)


MJ: How did you come up with the concept for Unscripted – The Hunted ?

MA: Being an old time horror fan and growing up idolizing the likes of Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman, I wanted to bring horror back to its roots, the woods, the cold and the darkness. Reality camera work is so popular now, and what better way to put the audience on the edge of their seats than to … Continue reading

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Interview: Keith Stoddard – writer (Blood De Madam)


Who’s got two thumbs and is fricken excited? This girl that’s who! haha got an exclusive with KEITH Stoddard about the upcoming film trilogy BLOOD DE MADAM! Production team, cast list including 8 scream queens so far, and none other than the king himself, H.G. Lewis as director has been announced to work on the film RIGHT HERE!

So sit back, kick back, and read on as KEITH answers our … Continue reading

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Interview: Raine Brown


Ever wonder what you get when you mix beauty, blood, and blonde hair? Well I thought that same exact answer! Haha That is until I sat down and talked with Raine Brown. Trained in classical acting and staring in a Shakespeare group to screaming and kicking major ass in the horror genre, Raine has and can do it all. So check out a little more about Raine Brown as she gives … Continue reading

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Interview: Bianca Barnett (Albino Farm, The Devil’s Muse)

Bianca Barnett

MJ: How did you get started acting?

BB: I began working as a model in my teenage years, but always felt I had more to give as a performer. I moved to Hollywood by myself at a very young age with only my car and a small amount of money in the bank. Aside from modeling full time, I began working as a background actor (extra) in television and for movies to … Continue reading

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Interview: Laura Bach (Zombie Strippers, The Slaughter)


MJ: Tell us about your association with Scream HQ?

LB: We are more then just work colleagues, we are fabulous friends and 2nd family. I got my start with them acting in The Slaughter and there was instant creative chemistry. Soon thereafter we formed Scream HQ, and made Zombie Strippers. Now we are moving forward with a number of horror films that I will be a producer on and or acting in.

MJ:¬†What was your favorite part of filming Zombie … Continue reading

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Interview: Courtney Gains


COURTNEY GAINS Interview – 10.16.08

MJ: Children of the Corn has become such a classic for horror fans old and new, back then… did you have any idea?

CG: No. I had no idea, it was my first film and I was just trying to do a
good job.

MJ: Malachi is beloved by horror fans, but I must say Hans Klopek … Continue reading

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Interview: Jeff Thomas – Director (13 Seconds, Fallen Angels)


Heya my lovelies! Dai here talking to Jeff Thomas about his latest film, upcoming events, and his all about self. Check out what he had to say about Asian Horror films…it’s pretty damn funny! With no further ado…The Jeff Thomas Interview!

Coming from modest roots, Jeff Thomas was raised in Southeast Michigan. Trying to write his very first book at the age of 4, he found it was harder than he had imagined.

Your … Continue reading

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