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Interview: Dee Wallace (Stepford Wives, Hills Have Eyes)


So far which director has been your favorite to work with?

DW: Rob Zombie.

The whole time working with Rob Zombie did you ever feel like there were similarities towards Wes Craven and John Carpenter or did he ever talk about being a fan and liking Wes Craven’s and Carpenter’s style?

DW: Adrienne Barbeau will tell you that John tells you to ‘do less’ well Rob Zombie tells you … Continue reading

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Interview: Author Marie D. Jones (Deja Vu Enigma)


This week we are interviewing Marie Jones about her new book titled, The Déjà vu Enigma: A Journey Through the Anomalies of Mind, Memory and Time

Mike Joy: What possessed you to write a book on such a widely known but in my opinion, a scarcely believed subject?

Marie Jones: Oh, déjà vu is widely believed and is the most widely reported, and perhaps, the most widely researched anomalous phenomenon. There are … Continue reading

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Interview: Ralph Baker as Deadly Earnest

Shane Porteous, Ralph Baker, Ian Bannerman, Hedley Cullen 1

Way back in the sixties, way before Elvira, a favourite amongst Australian students was Deadly Earnest, the television schlock horror host on the 0-10 Network. Late on Friday nights, the atrocious old science fiction and horror films became compulsory viewing, solely because of the gothic Master of Ceremonies. Actors portraying Deadly Earnest were: Ralph Baker (ATV-0 Melbourne); Ian Bannerman (TEN-10 Sydney); Hedley Cullen (SAS-10 Adelaide); and Shane Porteous (TVQ-0 Brisbane).

Continue reading


Interview: Josh Howard – Comic Artist (Dead@17, WitchQueen)


Hey everyone. I recently had a chance to chat with Josh Howard, the creator/writer/artist for Dead@17, about the newest chapter in the series debuting in March 2010. If you have not had a chance to check out any of the Dead@17 stories I highly recommend doing so. The books have good depth and are very original. Josh’s art style is very attractive to the eye as well. I recently became a fan of this book … Continue reading

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Interview: Ruby Larocca


Ruby Larocca has a lot to say, I found this out pretty quickly after meeting her at the most recent Famous Monsters convention in Indianapolis at the beginning of July. She is a woman who has been in the genre for many years from working with Misty Mundae and William Hellfire in the films put out by Factory 2000 to roles in films done by Seduction Cinema.

 She has starred in such films as The Devil’s … Continue reading

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Interview: Sir Oliver Humperdink

Mike Joy:  Horrornews welcomes Sir Oliver Humperdink.  The question is why are we interviewing this famous pro wrestling manager about horror. The answer is simple, you’ve seen House of 1,000 Corpses, House of the Dead, House of Wax, and even House on Haunted Hill, but have you ever seen House of Humperdink?  Sir Oliver Humperdink throughout his storied career as pro wrestling manager, he’s managed the likes of Abdullah the Butcher, King Kong Bruiser … Continue reading

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Interview: Hart D. Fisher (Garbage Man, Boneyard Press)


Thank you so much for joining us today Hart!

A pleasure to be here, so to speak…

I am so excited to be talking with you. Tell us a bit about your background for those who may not recognize the name Hart Fisher.

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Interview: Author Sherry Roit – Paris Immortal


By Andrew Hawnt

 The Paris Immortal novels by S. Roit are something different in the overpopulated vampire fiction genre, and the fourth book, ‘Paris Immortal: Atonement’ is out soon. So what does this series and its author offer vampire fans that the others don’t? That is open to debate, but I would say that things such as character and sexuality are explored to a greater extent (and handled differently) in her books … Continue reading

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Interview: Armont Casale (Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust)


Mike Joy : where was the idea for Filth to Ashes born?

Armont Casale : Honestly I had been working in production for several years, specifically television production. And I just got tired of waiting for someone else to give me my opportunity. So I decided to make own opportunity. I am an avid horror aficionado. I grew up with Jason, Freedy, Michael Myers. icons to most horror fans. I guess my … Continue reading

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Interview: Sean Clark (Black Waters of Echo’s Pond)


Interview with Sean Clark, Writer/Producer of Black Waters of Echo’s Pond.

Sean Clark is the writer/producer of the upcoming movie, The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond. This movie is about a group of friends on a weekend getaway who discover an ancient board game that takes over their lives with deadly consequences. It won the audience choice award when it premiered in an Orlando horror convention. The original story by Gabriel Bologna fell into … Continue reading

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Interview: Robert Kurtzman (Deadly Impact)



Mike Joy: What should fans expect from ‘Deadly Impact’?

Robert Kurtzman: An energetic tense action thriller.

Mike Joy: Was it a smooth transition going from make-up and special effects into directing? 

Robert Kurtzman: It was a gradual progression as I started doing sum directing on second unit before moving onto my own film and my fx background really helped in understanding how … Continue reading

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Interview: Chris Sun (Come and Get Me)


Mike Joy: What is the concept behind your movie, “ Come and Get Me” ?

Chris Sun: It is about 4 beautiful young girls out for a night on the town but forget to organize a way home. Calling on an old school friend for a ride, they find that a simple lift home is going to become their worst nightmare. Stuck in the bush with three psychopaths, the girls endure a … Continue reading

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Interview: Dr. Gangrene – Horror Host


Extra! Extra! Tingler Loose in Louisville!

Horror Hosts are as well-loved these days as the monsters they present on television. Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul is my personal favorite but they do abound. One such character presents himself as Dr. Gangrene and runs amok periodically when he gets loose from the TV studio.

The actor who gives the good Doctor voice is a native of Nashville, TN. I tracked him down on the … Continue reading

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Interview: Kevin Strange (Hack Movies)


Talking With The Dead: 15 Questions With Kevin Strange

1. After visiting your site, I have to admit that I was rolling on the floor after watching your trailers! The twisted and perverse things that I saw not only showed me that you guys have more balls than 95% of the industry, but that beyond the jokes and gore, there is real talent here! How did you first get involved in the industry and what led to … Continue reading

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Interview: Gary Reed – Comic Artist


Welcome back kiddies. This time I have lured Gary Reed into the depths to pick his brain about all things Deadworld. So sit back and relax we find out why we should all read be reading Deadworld, and what the future holds for this long running series.

Decapitated Dan: Lets start off simple who is Gary Reed?

Gary Reed: Wow, that’s a tough one. Right now, I’m a college professor in Biology and a free lance … Continue reading

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Interview: Chris Jericho (Albino Farm, WWF)


1. How did you get involved in the film Albino Farm?

My Son was actually doing some Halloween costume modeling on a morning show in Tampa and the traveling host that was with the costumes was Shawn McEwen who is the writer and director of Albino Farm and while all these kids were running around going nuts Shawn and I just started talking being the only adults in the room about our … Continue reading

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Interview: Brian O’Toole – Writer/Producer (Basement Jack, Evilution, The Necropolitan)


MIKE JOY : Evilution has a great tag line, “The End is Here!” It’s short and to the point. I’m a big fan of tag lines as strange as that sounds. I think every great movie needs a great tag line. Alien, I think had one of the best tags of all time, “In space, no one can hear you scream”. Just curious, what’s your opinion of tag lines?

BRIAN O’TOOLE : I agree with … Continue reading

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Interview: Twisted Twin Productions


One of the problems of life that continually vex me is what the hell to do with all the dead hookers. It’s almost a weekly distraction for me and it gets in the way of all the grave robbing. Not even quantum mechanics has come up with a theory to solve such an issue because the equation.

Never seems to equal a dead hooker! I know, maybe that dude in the wheelchair with the … Continue reading

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Interview: Mark Redfield


Nevermore in Baltimore – Mark Redfield on Producing Live Theatre and the Edgar Allen Poe Bicentennial Celebrations in Baltimore, MD

When you have friends all over the globe, you aren’t always entirely up to speed on what their current projects are. In this case, my darling friend Mark Redfield has gotten himself entangled in a morass of Poe tendrils worthy of Cthulhu himself. In October of 2009, I was watching CNN’s coverage of the Funeral of … Continue reading

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Interview: Lee Vervoort (Guntown)


What can our HorrorNews fans expect from Gun Town ?

Fans can expect a new approach in horror with a western theme involved, along with a picture in high-definition.

Why did you decide to go with the combination of horror/western?

My friends who own the western town have dreamed of making a movie there for years, so it seemed the way to go. Plus it gave us the different approach to the horror genre.

Continue reading

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Interview: John Morghen (Stage Fright, Cannibal Apocalypse)


From psychopathic to ecclesiastic!
An interview with the former bad boy of Italian horror cinema, John Morghen!

John Morghen, or Giovanni Lombardo Radice if you will, is one actor whose characters always seemed to get into a lot of trouble. Perhaps he was type casted a lot, but there wasn´t many other actors had could portray these characters in such a vivid way that John, or Johnny as he prefers to be called, … Continue reading

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