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Interview: Kristy Swanson (Buffy Vampire Slayer, Highway to Hell)


You’re perhaps most famous to horror fans as the original Buffy. Were you ever aware of any tensions between the producers and Joss Whedon over the direction the film was taking?

KS: I remember Buffy to be a great experience. I thought all the actors did a great job developing their characters and executed them wonderfully. If there were any “problems,” I am unaware. Joss was on set everyday and it was great to … Continue reading

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Interview: Tom Holland (Hatchet 2)


Tom Holland – Actor

Hatchet 2 – Movie

Note: Tom Holland is best known for directing such classic horror movies as Child’s Play and Fright Night.

I’m delighted, but are you surprised that Hatchet 2 is getting a theatrical release despite the gore?

Totally. I think it’s a big deal. Before the MPAA controlled through banning the advertising of X rated films in the MSM. The net is making it … Continue reading

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Interview: Jovanka Vuckovic – 09.10.10


And now, with no further ado, I have something extremely special and sinister for your dark hearts. The incredible Jovanka Vuckovic is a former editor of Rue Morgue Magazine, Canada’s premiere horror publication. She is now a mother to a beautiful baby ghoul and wife to a killer musician,  Redeemer’s Shane Faulkner. But through all of the gifts and changes life has thrown in her way, Jovanka has decided to take away whatever … Continue reading


Interview: Thomas Weissner – Editor “Asian Cult”



Interview – 02.06.09

Scarlett– Thanks for stopping by to interview with us!

Tom Weisser– Glad to be here with you.

Scarlett– How did you become interested in Asian Cult movies?

Tom Weisser– I could spin a story. But I presume you’d like the truth, as mundane as that might be. I’ve always loved movies. And … Continue reading


Interview: Author Dr. Collette Balmain


Who: Dr. Collette Balmain – Author
Books: Introduction to Japanese Horror Film

DR. COLLETTE BALMAIN: author- Interview – 01.23.09

Thank you so much for stopping by to interview with us! Can you tell us about your book, “Introduction to Japanese Horror Film”?

Collette- The book is an exploration of Japanese horror cinema from the 1950s onwards. The aim behind the book was to write something that would be useful to students but also … Continue reading

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Interview: Elias Merhige (Begotten)


WHO: Elias Merhige – director
MOVIE: “Begotten”, “Suspect Zero”, “Shadow of the Vampire”

Interview with Elias Merhige – 01.31.09

Elias Merhige, born in 1964, grew up in Brooklyn, and went to school in Tenafly, New Jersey before attending film school at State University of New York at Purchase where he received a bachelor’s degree in 1987. This exclusive interview concerns the making of his controversial non-dialogue feature film, … Continue reading

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Interview: Brian Avenet-Bradley (Dark Remains, Ghost of the Needle, Freez’er)


WHO: Brian Avenet-Bradley
MOVIE: Dark Remains, Freez’er, Ghost of the Needle

Writer/ Director:
Dark Remains (2006)
Writer/ Director:
Ghost of the Needle (2003)
Writer/ Director:
Freez’er (2001)

Ahhh the sounds of brilliance fills the room as I sit down to talk with Brian about himself, his career, and his upcoming work. As half of the husband/wife team that created Dark Remains, he sheds a little light … Continue reading

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Interview: Brad Dourif


WHO: Brad Dourif
MOVIE: “Halloween 2, Fading of cries, Lord of rings, Pulse….etc

Sarah and I were fortunate enough to sit down for a few minutes with Brad Dourif, Brian Metcalf and the cast of Fading of the Cries. We all introduce ourselves, Brad offers me a chair and we sit down to talk. Brad is immediately sweet and helpful, and we can’t wait to do the interview.

Our first question … Continue reading


Interview: Eric Weiss – (aka Zombie!)


If you’re a horror fan and do any kind of online social networking, chances are you’ve crossed paths with ZOMBIE! on Facebook, Twitter and/or Myspace. Or maybe you’ve seen the ZOMBIE! logo on t-shirts, or the Youtube videos. You might even play the late-nite horror movie trivia games on Facebook. What’s the deal with ZOMBIE!, anyway? Having followed the Delaware-based entity for years, but never really knowing the whole deal (even though we … Continue reading

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Interview: Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints, Saw 7)


Mike Joy: How does ‘Deadly Impact’ compare to other action movies that you’ve done? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: Most of the other action movies had horses in them… and none of them had Joey Pants..!!!
I really like the pace of this film. It accelerates right from the first scene.

Mike Joy: Do you do much of your own stunt work and how do you prepare for it? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: Yes. Most stunt work … Continue reading

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Interview: Rick Schroder – Director (HellHounds)


MIKE JOY: Hi Rick, Thanks for taking the time to talk to our Horrornews fans. You have an incredible body of work as an actor, but I think you are relatively new to the director’s chair. I’m curious, was that an easy transition for you? 

RICK SCHRODER: Hello Horror fans. You might not know this, but I am a huge horror movie fan! Ever since Stephan Kings ‘The Shining’.

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Interview: J.D. Lipsh*tz – Director (Killed on the Fourth of July)


After having worked on and off as an indie filmmaker, I’ve found that often after filming has wrapped, everyone will go their separate ways and rarely keep in touch despite promises to do otherwise. However, low-budget horror indie films has always been unique for me though as whenever I’ve met someone at a convention or festival or have worked with them on a film, those who are involved in the genre actually DO stay in touch. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Interview: Derek Mears


WHO: derek mears
WHAT: actor – “friday the 13th” (jason voorhees)

with derek mears Interview – 02.10.09

MJ : Even non-horror fans know who Jason Voorhees is, how do you feel about playing such an iconic horror character?

DM : I’ve always been a big fan of Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees!!!! Even though we shot it, it really hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m really blown away by it. I’m so … Continue reading

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Interview: Fred Vogel – Director (ToeTag Pictures) (Maskhead, August Underground)


WHO: Fred Vogel
MOVIE: Maskhead, August Underground

ToeTag Picture’s, man behind the madness, Fred Vogel sheds light on their sick past and the upcoming Maskhead film

Back in 2003 I started to hear rumblings from the underground about a horror movie that was so vile and had caused such an uproar, it was an immediate must see film, at least for me. Rumors of a blank tape containing snuff footage being left on subways … Continue reading

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Interview: Emily Haack (Ratline, ScrapBook)



Due to the controversy of Scrapbook, how did fans of the genre react towards you? For instance, I know a lot of women had to of been offended seeing how you’re naked through the whole film, being beaten and raped, sodomized by a huge bottle, and lets not forget that infamous shower scene. (For the record I do not have a problem … Continue reading

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Interview: Shane Porteous as Deadly Earnest

Shane Porteous, Ralph Baker, Ian Bannerman, Hedley Cullen 1

Way back in the sixties, way before Elvira, a favourite amongst Australian students was Deadly Earnest, the television schlock horror host on the 0-10 Network. Late on Friday nights, the atrocious old science fiction and horror films became compulsory viewing, solely because of the Gothic Master of Ceremonies. Actors portraying Deadly Earnest were: Ian Bannerman (TEN-10 Sydney); Ralph Baker (ATV-0 Melbourne); Shane Porteous (TVQ-0 Brisbane); and Hedley Cullen (SAS-10 Adelaide). Shane Porteous … Continue reading

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Interview: Tom Savini


Interview: fx artist tom savini – 12.13.08

How’s it goin Nerds?

What do you get when you cross 100 gallons of foam latex, and a steroid freak biker Mafia Don zombie with a cock gun? Sound the trumpets, the King of Splatter approaches! That’s right you f*ckin Nerds, kneel at the throne of blood. He’s the man who gives a new meaning to the saying, “No guts, no glory”. Tom Savini, … Continue reading

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Interview: Jovanka Vuckovic


Interview with jovanka 04.22.09

Heya Freaks and Minx!
I’m so excited to bring you this interview!
For those who may be unfamiliar, Jovanka is the EditorInChief of Rue Morgue magazine, one in which if you’ve never picked up a copy you must have just gotten into the genre and need to recognise! Haha
This woman kicks absolute ass and it is an honor to bring her to you. Without further ado, read … Continue reading

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Interview: Damian Maffei (Closed for the Season)


MIKE JOY: Could you tell our Horrornews fans a little bit about “CLOSED FOR THE SEASON”?

DAMIAN MAFFEI: Well, it’s the age old story of girl meets boy… In abandoned amusement park. Girl and boy are then continuously harassed by a carny who may or may not be dead as they are forced to live out the rides and attractions of the long since defunct park in order to be set free … Continue reading

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Interview: Kim Sonderholm


MOVIE: “CRAIG”, “horror vault”

Interview with KIM SONDERHOLM – 12.26.08

DR.GOREHOUND: How did you get started acting/directing in films, and what fascinates and inspires you to do it?

Kim Sønderholm: Well I always wanted to be an actor ever since I was a kid. I watched way too many movies and I still do, I had a fascination for the James Bond and Star … Continue reading

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Interview: David Hess



Heya Freaks and Minx!
I had the chance to sit down with the infamous and ultra-amazing DAVID HESS (LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, ZODIAC KILLER, ZOMBIE NATION, SMASH CUT) for an interview about his upcoming film SMASH CUT as well as a couple questions about his life in the film business. (If you’ve ever heard me talk about … Continue reading

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