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Interview: Stacy Davidson (Sweatshop)


Stacy Davidson stopped in to talk about his new film SWEATSHOP and discuss a bit on what it’s like being a film maker today.
He is such a talented guy, so if you’re unfamiliar with him, it is my pleasure to introduce you! Here is our interview in full, enjoy!

Dai: Hi Stacy! Welcome to! Thanks for joining us today!

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Interview: Sid Haig (House Of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, Halloween)


Another luminary of the Horror world I was able to talk to for a short while was the one & only Sid Haig. Mr. Haig was more than generous with his time & agreed to sit down & answer a few questions about his work past, present & future,

TBS: I’m sitting here with the legendary star of many films that are near & dear to any horror/exploitation fans heart. I’m talking … Continue reading

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Interview: Camille Keaton (I Spit on your Grave – 1978)


Hey Fiend Club! I have got to tell you the month of October, and of course Halloween have always been my favorite moments of the year. But since I have become a writer, well, there has been nothing like it! The reason is the incredible people that I have had the opportunity to speak to, and of course, the legends that I have been an avid fan of for many years. This … Continue reading

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Interview: John Saxon


It’s me The Black Saint again reporting from The Creation “Weekend Of Horrors” with more interviews from the show. Unfortunately your favorite deity had himself a long night last night & was on a bender with some of the other attendees (Great people by the way). So I woke up with a bit of a headache & A sour stomach. But f*ck that noise! I’m here to let you know what’s going … Continue reading

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Interview: Fred Williamson


TBS: Ok, I’m standing here next to a legend both in the world of Sports & the world of action films Mr. Fred Williamson. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Williamson.

FW: No problem dog but it’s Fred “The Hammer” Williamson homeboy…

TBS: (Laughing) No problem, I’ll refer to you as Mr. Williamson or maybe Mr. Hammer or just Hammer is that ok?

FW: Hammer, Hammer is what’s happening.

TBS: Ok … Continue reading

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Interview: Sybil Danning (Halloween, Battle Beyond The Stars, Howling 2)


Hello again my faithful ones. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blessed the masses with my words of wisdom but I’ve had some personal business to take care of. You know…some people ought to leave well enough alone. Especially if involves me, but in their insolence they continue to push my buttons even after I give em’ a pass. So they can only blame themselves for my wrath. I’ve said it before & I’ll … Continue reading

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Interview: Sally, The Zombie Cheerleader



When you set out to create the Zombie Cheerleader persona, what goals did you have in mind that you wanted to accomplish in the world of horror?

It all started with a gag around 2003, and it’s been a gag ever since. At the time I was chatting on the Horrorhost Underground about doing my own horror hosted show and I needed to develop a character. Sally’s costume was initially a … Continue reading

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Interview: Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede)


Hey Fiends! This month has already been an incredible time to speak to so many amazing people in the genre, and this happened to be one of those times. Here is yet another interview, but this time with Human Centipede’s Lindsay, Ashley C. Williams. If you read my Danielle Harris interview, she had mentioned some incredible true life facts about some horror greats, including the fact that Kane Hodder is a member … Continue reading

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Interview: Creep Creepersin (The Monster Killer Club)

Creep Creepersin is a busy man. In addition to his normal, everyday writing, directing, and producing gigs, the horror-styled everyman is gearing up to star in his own self-written and directed web series, The Monster Killer Club, which is set to make its debut for on October 20th.

Needless to say, Creepersin is pretty excited. “I’m extremely pumped, man! This is a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what … Continue reading

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Interview: Corey Feldman (Lost Boys: The Thirst)

Corey Feldman is a rock star. Many know him best as the former child actor famous for his roles in movies such as “The Goonies” and “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” but outside of the acting realm he is also an accomplished musician. Feldman heads the band Truth Movement, and he was at NY Comic Con to promote both the reprisal of his role as Edgar Frog in “Lost Boys: The Thirst” and the … Continue reading

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Interview: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn / Danielle Harris (The Victim)


Special Edition With The VIXENS OF THE VICTIM

Hey Fiends, I now have an extra special trick to treat you all to, the Vixens of The Victim! The talented Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and her legendary husband placed their heart and souls into this thriller about two carefree party girls placed into a terrible and potentially deadly situation. Jennifer not only stars in the film, she also produced the project as well. She opened up her home … Continue reading

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Interview: Adam Green – Director (Hatchet, Frozen, Spiral)


Just three years ago writer-director Adam Green exploded into the consciousness of horror movie fans worldwide with his in your face, no holds barred, old school gorefest of a slasher movie, Hatchet. Critically hailed at the time as “the greatest slasher film in 20 years” the film introduced the world to “the next icon of horror” in the form of villain and anti-hero Victor Crowley, played by horror legend Kane Hodder (the man behind the … Continue reading

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Interview: Author Peter Lemesurier – Nostradamus Bibliomancer


In your years of studying Nostradamus, have your become disillusioned or even disappointed in the facts that you’ve uncovered about him and his legend?

Very much so. This is a common experience among academic scholars studying Nostradamus. The more they study him, the more skeptical they are forced to become, as it becomes more and more obvious that the
many myths about him are simply not borne … Continue reading

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Interview: Darin Read / Director

Horrornews Exclusive Interview :  Darin Read

Short Film: Up Under The Roof

Where did the concept of “up under the roof” come from?

I’ve been obsessed with fear and how people overcome it all my life. Like many children, I was afraid of the dark (or what I imagined lurked in it). I watched horror films and read “Famous Monsters” during daylight hours but grew terrified at night when the lights went … Continue reading

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Interview: Chasing Ghosts and Demons with Ryan Buell of ‘Paranormal State’

Ryan Buell is a full-time paranormal investigator and founder of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society. He stopped by New York Comic Con to promote his hit docu-drama “Paranormal State,” and his new book Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown.

What was your greatest paranormal experience at Penn State University?

I grew up in South Carolina and investigated there, and my first year of college I went to a branch campus … Continue reading

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Interview: Eric Marciak (S&Man)


A little while ago I blessed all of you with a review of one disturbingly good movie called “S&MAN” & now I have had the great pleasure to interview the Star of the film Mr. Eric Marciak. Here’s what he had to say about the himself, the film & a litany of other subjects:

The Black Saint: First of all, how are you doing today?

Eric Marciak: Fine! I’m doing alright.

Continue reading

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Interview: Don Sumner / Author ‘Horror Movie Freak’


 Exclusive Horrornews Interview : Don Sumner

Book : Horror Movie Freak

So, what is a Horror Movie Freak?

A Horror Movie Freak is a passionate horror movie fan. There are degrees, though, of horror freak ranging from the super-dedicated fan who knows every director, release date, indie film and actor with posters and memorabilia all over the place – to those who just … Continue reading

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Interview: Miss Misery (Reyna Young)


Hello Freaks And Minx! Dai here talking to the beautiful and talented Miss Misery! Sit back, relax, and welcome to the macabre world of one of my favorite horror hostesses!

Hi Miss Misery! Thank you so much for joining us today!
Well Thank you Dai! I always love talking to you.

Tell us about your show and what you do.

The Last Doorway Show is a show dedicated to the independent … Continue reading

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Interview: Sierra Holmes (VH1 Scream Queens 2)


Hello there Fiend Club!
I know that it’s not time for me to give you the greatest in horror just yet, but sometimes special opprtunities fall into your lap and you cannot pass em’ up..this just happens to be one of those treats. I have had the pleasure of getting to know one of my favorite contestants of the show Scream Queens 2, Sierra Holmes.

Yes,everything you witnessed on the screen is absolutely true, … Continue reading

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Interview: Suzi Lorraine (Scream Queen)


James Morgart (JM): When we first met (oh, so many years ago), I was in a graduate program for Accounting and you were mostly taking on modeling work, how did you break into film? More specifically, why horror films? 

Suzi Lorraine (SL): Isn’t it amazing what has happened in the last 8 years! Can you believe we’ve been friends all those years – geez! My break into horror films was completely intentional, and strategic. I started modeling to make … Continue reading

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Interview: Lucky McKee (The Woman, May, The Woods)


You seem to use Angela Bettis in your work quite often. Any particular reason why?

(LM)Ummmmm…You seen what she can do, right? She’s my cinematic soul sister.

When can we find a copy of All Cheerleaders Die?

(LM)Chris Sivertson (The Lost, I Know Who Killed Me) and I are just waiting for a time to put it out ourselves. Time just hasn’t felt right yet. It’s aging like wine, though. Pretty fricken’ hilarious and a … Continue reading

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