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Interview: Gunnar Hansen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Won Ton Baby..)


James Morgart (JM): Obviously, you starred as Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, one of the great low-budget horror legends in the history of horror films. But then you took time off before coming back to horror. First, what were you doing during that time away from film?

Gunnar Hansen (GH): My interest had alway been writing first, so that‚Äôs what I did. I went back to grad school for a while after filming Chainsaw and … Continue reading

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Interview: Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Creepshow)


RW: What would you say has been the most challenging role for you?

AB: Oh that would have to be portraying Judy Garland because she‚Äės so well known. The audience is tough but it was fun. There‚Äôs no singing. I can‚Äôt do it. It‚Äôs well written so I felt I just had to be a part of it.

RW: Of all the directors you had worked with who would you say … Continue reading

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Interview: Dan Fraga ( Exhumed Films )


Exclusive Horrornews Interview – Dan Fraga: Exhumed Films – 12.05.08

MJ : How was Exhumed Films born?

DF : It’s a bit of a long story, but here goes: Exhumed Films is comprised of four people: me, Joseph Gervasi, Harry Guerro, and Jesse Nelson. The four of us have been friends for quite some time. Harry, Jesse, and I went to high school together and actually all worked together at a … Continue reading

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Interview: Jeff Ross (Director: ‘Resurrection – Rise of the Rabisu’ )


Interview with Jeff Ross ( director of Resurrection – Rise of the Rabisu )

The new movie, Resurrection, is currently being filmed. Can you give our fans some idea on what they can expect from this movie?

Not being a horror film affection-ado, I ľm not sure what the brunt of horror fans look for in a film. If, for example, one is a ‚Äúhard-core‚ÄĚ fan, they may be disappointed with … Continue reading

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Interview: Dave Hagan (Founder of Monstermania)


The Joyhorror Interviews with Mike Joy

WHO: Dave Hagan (founder of monstermania)
Dave Hagan Interview – 11.19.08

MJ: How did the MonsterMania Con start ?

DH : I’ve always been a fan of horror from childhood on. I was part of what they call the monster kids now, it’s early to mid-60’s when Famous
Monsters magazine was out. It was very … Continue reading

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Interview: Frank Henlelotter (Bad Biology, Basket Case, Brain Damage)


In my younger days I would spend hours standing in front of the horror section at the local video store.¬†The big boxes and their promises of blood, sex and violence felt like home to me for some reason.¬†Of the titles that I rented the most there was one that got on my mothers nerves like no other, that movie was Frank Henenlotter‚Äôs Basket Case.¬†After several viewings of Basket Case I started trying … Continue reading

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Interview: Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th)


Actor/Musician : ARI LEHMAN (boy the in lake from Friday the 13th & FirstJason)

MIKE JOY: How old were you when you played Jason Voorhees?

ARI LEHMAN : First of all, Greetings From Camp Crystal Lake to you and all of the Horror News readers. When I was 13 years old, I snuck into an audition for a comedy feature film … Continue reading

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Interview: Scott “Raven” Levy (Pro Wrestler)


The Joyhorror Interviews with Mike Joy

WHO: Scott “Raven” Levy
MOVIE: ( actor : Sleeper, professional wrestler )
Scott “Raven” Levy – Interview – 04.12.09

In the movie Sleeper, you played the character of Resnik. What drew you to this project?

It’s interesting, the guy’s an interesting character, he’s a sociopath and I like sociopaths. And then there’s this girl and the things that … Continue reading

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Interview: Mr. Skin


Today, I’m here interviewing Mr. Skin for Horrornews. One would think “by name” that I’m talking about a deranged manic who wears human flesh for sh*ts and giggles. I mean, come on, Mr. Skin is a pretty good “slasher” name. Well, If you are a fan of nudity then you know I’m not talking about the next Jason or Freddy, but I’m talking about the nudity guru of for 10 years strong. He is … Continue reading

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Interview: Tony Todd (Hatchet 2 )


Exclusive Horrornews Interview –¬† actor : Tony Todd¬† ( Hatchet 2 )


Special Audio Interview  brought to you by Google Voice :

Tony Todd returns as Reverend Zombie in Hatchet 2.¬† He recently talked with Michael Joy from HNN and Buddy Harvey.¬† Tony Todd is best known for his role as the horror icon Candyman.¬† Tony has also been in the hit television shows, 24 … Continue reading


Interview: Bill Oberst Jr. (Vivid, Nude Nuns with Big Guns)


Exclusive Horrornews Interview – Actor : Bill Oberst Jr.

How did you first get involved in acting?

¬†I was a weird kid and got made fun of a lot. I learned that if I entertained them they’d stop messing with me. Once I figured that out, I felt like Spock on Star Trek, observing the human race. I was the same person I was before, but just because I had this new … Continue reading


Interview: Gabriel Bologna (The Black Waters of Echo Pond)

"The Black Waters Of Echo's Pond" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals


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Interview: Author Dr. Bob Curran (Man-Made Monsters)


Dr. Bob Curran (author)
Man-Made Monsters: A field guide to Golems, Patchwork Soldiers, Homunculi, and other created creatures.

1. Were there real events that inspired to story of Frankenstein?

The best-known of all the Man-Made Monsters is probably Frankenstein, mainly due to Mary Shelley‚Äôs famous novel. This is a being created out of the remnants of the dead and brought to a semblance of life by electrical current. However, … Continue reading

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Interview: Greg Lamberson (Slime City, Slime City Massacre)


WHO: Greg Lamberson
WHAT: Director “Slime City”, “Slime City Massacre”

Greg Lamberson Interview – 05.18.09

The Insomniac was able to hunt down and tie down Greg Lamberson for a few minutes to have a little chat. Greg Lamberson is the director/writer of the cult horror movies “Slime City”, Undying Love (New York Vampire), Naked Fear and the writer of such horrorifying tales of fiction “Johnny Gruesome”, “Personal Demons” and nonfiction “Cheap … Continue reading

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Interview: Terry Ingram – Director (Phantom Racer)



Mike Joy: What went into picking out the right car to be used for Phantom Racer?

Terry Ingram: When we first broke down the film it looked like we needed 10 cars all the same. Well, we didn’t have the cash for that. I worked it out that I could get away with 3 red cars, one was just a shell and the … Continue reading

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Interview: Mia Culpa ( Horror Burlesque Performer )



MIKE JOY : When did ‚Äúhorror burlesque performer‚ÄĚ come into your mind that this is going to be your profession?

MIA CULPA : Well, it really wasn’t a conscious decision- something that career specific rarely is.

I had always been interested in burlesque- I’m a hard core nudist and exhibitionist, so it was a natural gravitation that I had towards the art of … Continue reading

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Interview: Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead)


What’s up Maniacs! Here is yet another special edition for the Hell-idays, and this one is just as awesome! Leave it to your Secret Satan to bring you all the terror you need before you feed on happiness and love. So this next interview involves one of my favorite new shows and incidentally one of my favorite actresses on that show! So I cannot say that this actress is one of my … Continue reading

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Interview: Michael Biehn (The Victim, The Divide)


Hey Fiends! I have yet another amazing interview for you to check out. . maybe under the warm covers as you protect yourselves from the frigid air of the night and all of the creatures lurking around you. I would love the pleasure of introducing you all to one of my favorite actors of all time, and it was such an honor for me to have the chance to speak with him … Continue reading

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Interview: Cassandra Peterson (ELvira)


Ho! Ho! Ho! Mwwhahaha! Hey there Fiend Club! Once again it’s the Hell-idays. . a time when we spend time with family and friends, unwrap and give out presents, and spread love and cheer. Well, that is just wonderful. But as true horror fans that isn’t exactly terrifying or exciting. I wanted you all to have some darkness before all of the love. So the Satanic little elf, yours truly, thought … Continue reading


Interview: Stevan Mena (Director: Bereavement, Malevolence)


Sappy, sodden holidays to all of you! The Black Saint has returned from out of my mausoleum to regale you with an interview with a man who is sure to be a mover & a shaker in the future of Horror films. His name you ask? The man’s name is Stevan Mena & if you’ve been following my reviews you’ll know that I thought his “Bereavement” is one of the best if … Continue reading

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Interview: Barry Boschelli (Dear Mr Gacy)



Exclusive Horrornews Interview :
Barry Boschelli ( John Wayne Gacy’s childhood friend )
” Dear Mr Gacy, ¬†Johnny & Me “


Special Audio Interview:

Barry was childhood friends with John Wayne Gacy and together they shared many … Continue reading

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