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Dai Of The Dead: #2 Hot Women, Mummified Old Men, and Some Cool News

poltergeist guy

Heya Freaks And Minx!
You actually came back?! Well, sh*t the bed!! Thanks so much for not giving up on me too soon! (Give it a few more editions and you may change your mind) Hope you guys enjoy!


I have a couple of cool things I am working on so please excuse … Continue reading

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12 Bad Jokes About ‘My Soul To Take 3D’

“My Soul To Take 3D“, is the new Wes Craven horror film, about a serial killer coming back to terrorize teens that share the same birthday. Plus, the birthdays are the date the killer was supposedly put to rest.

I’m not sure,but I think I feel the need to write 12 Bad Jokes About:
“My Soul To Take” Mwhuhuhahahah!

1) What Wes Craven film, has a hockey player arguing with a referee disallowing his … Continue reading

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Video Madness: Three Stooges / The Ghost Talks

Video Madness


THE THREE STOOGES: “The Ghost Talks” (1949)

This is The Three Stooges at their best as Larry, Mo, and Shemp offer up plenty of laughs and scares in this episode titled “The Ghost Talks”. This immediately brings me back to when I was a kid and watching these old Stooges shorts. The scary one’s were always my favorite. Here we see some classic early horror comedy as the … Continue reading

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Video Madness – Machete Lego Trailer

Video Madness

Machete Lego Trailer

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12 Bad Jokes About District 9

12 Bad Jokes About District 9

District 9, (2009), directed by Neill Blomkamp, is about a race of aliens living on earth.Unfortunately, they are forced to live in camps or slums.They are treated as a low life form.They get nicknamed “prawns”. The story gets a twist, when a government agent gets exposed to the prawns technology.The way he has to deal with what comes next.(I’m not giving any spoilers). The beautiful thing about this movie, … Continue reading

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12 The Last Exorcism Jokes

The Last Excorcism, is about a minister reluctantly performing a spirit removal, or excorcism, in front of a film documentary crew. It’s directed by Daniel Stamm, and produced by Eli Roth, among others.

1. What did the minister do , when his subject was possesed by the spirit of Charles Atlas?

Performed his “Last Flex-orcism”!

2. What do you call a procedure to remove the spirit of an Ogre, one final time?

The “Last Shreks-orcism”!

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12 Pirahna 3D Jokes

Piranha3D is directed by Alexandre Aja,and will be in theaters this summer(2010).

It is the story of prehistoric man-eating fish,getting set free by an underwater earthquake/tremor. A feeding frenzy is to follow, as the little things tear up some springbreakers on a lovely beach!

It stars Elizabeth Shue, Eli Roth, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, and more…

Let’s test the treacherous waters,with:
12 Bad jokes about Piranha3D!!!!

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12 Dead Snow Jokes!

The 2009 Norwegian horror/comedy film, Dead Snow, or Dod Sno, is directed by Tommy Wirkola.It centers on med students spending their spring break on a ski trip, in a cabin.

What they don’t know, is they are about to be attacked by Nazi Zombies! (It could happen)…

I love snow! I love Zombies! Heck, I love movies that vilify Nazis! Let’s get out our sleds, and go downhill with:

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