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Horror Talk: 09.01.10


Hey there Fiends! Rob Delamorte back with another edition of the coolest offerings in horror. First off, I just want to thank everyone who has supported me from day one, from the Facebook page to Horror Talk itself. This has been absolutely nothing but a nightmare come true, so once again, to everyone. . thank you!  And a huge thanks to Dai Green who made this all very possible. You have helped … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 08.17.10

Horror-Talk-08.17.10 (20)

Horror Talk With Rob Delamorte

Hey there Fiends, it’s your punk horrorhost, Rob Delamorte, wrapping up yet another summer, yep it’s almost over, so pull out your leather jackets, lace up your Docs..the ultimate season is looming..and once again, let’s get down to some f*cking horror business!

We start off with the best in sin-ema, and believe me there’s alot of amazing offerings to place on the horror altar.

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Horror Talk: 07.31.10


Horror Talk with Rob Delamorte

What’s up Fiend Club, it’s your humble narrator, Rob Delamorte, back from the dead to bring you even more evils coming to horror, and man, do I have some great stuff to tell you maniacs about this time around, including a report on AMC’s newest ghoulish gem.

First to keep you from losing your marbles in the hellish heat..movie news! News that will bring you wanted chills down your tanned, … Continue reading


Horror Talk: 07.05.10


Horror Talk with Rob Delamorte

Hello again Fiends, it’s your ghoul with the gear, Rob Delamorte back with an extremely special edition for you. I have all the usual gory goodies for you to check out, along with a very special interview, Ms. Friday, Adrienne King, who was generous enough to speak with me in length about so many things, including her return, and oh yes, wine. Her own label to be exact, but … Continue reading


Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk | Video Blog 32



 Dai’s April 6, 2010 VLOG. Sally Show contest included


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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk | Video Blog 31


This weeks contest comes to us from MOUSEENVY.com!
They have graciously decided to give away TWO of their awesome mouses (or is it mice) to our awesome readers!

Here are the rules:
Go to mouseenvy.com and check out their designs. Send me an email to WhatsTheBloodyDeal@yahoo.com with I HAVE MOUSE ENVY in the subject line, then tell me what is your favorite design out of the bunch!

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 30


Heya Freaks and Minx!

Welcome back to this Horror Talk: The column that makes you sexy. ;)

Current events are going to start off this edition as I have always said, real life horrors are way more terrifying than movie ones.

Haiti was hit by an earthquake that registered as a 7.0 on the RS causing over 50,000 deaths and injuries on the tiny island. Children have been seen on the street eating mud pies … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 28

Heya My Freaks and Minx!
I am so happy to be back with you guys, you have NO clue how much I have missed ya.

My tail is uncontrollably wagging as we speak! ;)

This edition we are going to be coveringa few things so I hope you will take sometime to site back, relax, and enjoy the Talk that is Horror on Horror Talk with Dai Green (me)!

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 22

Heya Lovies!

Is it just me or was there a lot going on for the past two weeks? Well, we will get to that all in a little bit.

We had a great turn out for the last contest we did and are looking for an even bigger turn out this time! Keep reading and you will find your chance to win!
Let’s get into the column, shall we. ;)

Death Has Struck And … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 15


Hello My Dear Freaks and Minx!
Oh, how I’ve missed you all! The fact is peeps, I’m a busy little minx. But am I too busy for you now you may ask?! HELL NO! All the kick ass stuff I’ve been doing is for the greater good for all of our true horror fans out there and once my evil plans show themselves, you will know how much I adore you all. Hell, … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 8



Hey my creepy freaks and sexy minx!
How is it, how was it, and how did it taste?!
A lot going on this week and for one I have to send a big shout out to my boys in orange with a great big
The big game is coming up and unless ya live in the south, you prob have no clue what that is! haha With Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 7

Hello my men and minx!
What’s going on with you all? Here, it’s been crazy busy and a hell of a lot of fun!

I had the chance to talk with Rachel Grubb who, by the way, is killer hot!
Also, in continued talks with Christopher Garetano, from Cottonmouth.tv, I found out some pretty exciting info. But you will have to stay tuned for that sweet tidbit and trust me if … Continue reading

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Dai of the Dead: Horror Talk 6

Dai Green

So how was your Halloween?
Mine was awesome filled with Vampires, Dark Princesses, Evil Midgets, and ofcourse Death! Just as it should.
I had a photo shoot yesterday in an haunted prison that closed back in the 30’s and trust me, def check out the pics when I release them. You will see why I am called the evil little Minx! haha

Also, today is the day to VOTE so get … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 10.14.2008

What’s up all!!!
Well things have been kick ass on my side of the world. Got to talk to the beautiful Raine Brown, the hottie with the killer body Tracy Coogan, and the always wonderful Zack Parker! So, umm can’t complain. I want to touch on something that I have been asked a few times over the last week.

I am a HUGE Indy supporter! Don’t get me wrong, I love the bigger films … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 10.07.2008

Well if you have been reading our interviews on horrornews.net, you know that I have been a busy little minx. I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of killer peeps and had a lot of fun doing it. But I do do it for all of you out there, so I hope you have had fun reading them! We are primping, prodding, and posting, and I wanna know what you think about it. … Continue reading

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Horror Talk: 09.11.2008

Hey my lovelies!

Dai here with my new column. This is where you’ll find all things that are of interest to…well YOU of course, the true fans of all things horror!
Also, each week I will give you quick rundowns of different movies (think of them as little mini reviews) to let you know what you should be watching, waiting for, or getting out of your casket to be first in line to … Continue reading

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